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You might be surprised at what’s lurking inside your drinking water, and how it could be affecting your health. Many health-minded people nowadays choose to drink filtered water, usually from a home filtration system. There are many different ways to go about filtering your water, and many companies offering high-quality water filters. One of the most popular companies, however, is Berkey. This guide will cover some Berkey water filter reviews, and help you find the right model for you.

Advantages of Berkey Water Filters

Before we get into Berkey water filter reviews of specific products, let’s take a look at what makes this brand in particular so popular. Why should you choose Berkey, instead of other brands?

Filtration Technology – Berkey filters use a unique gravity filter that is highly effective, and does not require the use of electricity. While we call them water filters, they actually qualify as water purifiers, which are held to much higher standards than basic filters. Berkeys are rated (and independently tested) to remove viruses, bacteria, chlorine and much more. In short – they filter out more contaminants than most competing units.

Long-Term Cost – The initial cost of Berkey filters is on the higher end – but the long-term cost is very low. This is mainly because of how long Berkey filters last. While many competing filters may last for 50-500 gallons at most, Berkey filters are rated for a whopping 3,000 gallons! This brings the per-gallon cost of filtration down to less than 2 cents, compared to 4-12+ cents for leading competitors. Berkey published this informative comparison of their products vs the competition.

Portability – Berkey filters are unique in that they are highly portable. They sit on top of your counter, and do not need to be hooked up to anything. Thus, you can easily take them with you while camping, traveling, or moving. Compared to stationary under-sink units, this provides a lot of versatility.

Reputation & Warranty – Berkey truly stands behind their products. They have built a reputation as being one of the best in the business, and they truly care about their customers and the quality of their products. They offer warranties on all products, and some items are even eligible for a lifetime warranty.


Berkey Water Filter Reviews & Top Products

All of Berkey’s products are well-rated and well-made. We picked a few of the most popular, across three different categories (home, portable and shower) to help give our readers a good selection.


1. Big Berkey

Big Berkey

Key Features: Counter-top unit; portable; 2-gallon capacity; effective gravity filtration; dual-filter setup; best-seller

Price Range: $$$

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The Big Berkey is one of the most popular Berkey water filters, and for good reason. It’s a great size, at 2-gallons of capacity – so you won’t have to fill it constantly like some smaller units. It uses the highly effective gravity filtration that makes Berkey filters such a popular choice. And, like most Berkey filters, it sits on your countertop, and can easily be moved when on-the-go. The unit requires no power to run, and doesn’t need to be installed.

If you look at Berkey water filter reviews, you’ll find that the Big Berkey is one of the best-rated. It strikes a good middle-ground between capacity and reasonable size, as well as value. While “big” in the name implies that this is the largest unit, it’s actually one of the smaller units. That said, a 2-gallon capacity is more than enough for most families. If you’re looking for a larger unit, follow this link to see them all.

The filtration tech on this unit is excellent. It uses two separate filters – one designed to remove chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants, and the other designed to remove fluoride. The filters last a long time, and can be replaced individually, as needed. Click here to learn more.


2. Go Berkey Kit

Go Berkey KitKey Features: Ultra-portable; 1-quart capacity; effective gravity filtration; dual-filter setup; up to 1 gallon of filtered water per hour

Price Range: $$

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The Go Berkey is designed to be ultra-portable. It’s great for camping trips, travel, and emergency preparedness. It’s a bit small for home use, but could suffice for a single-person household. The capacity of the Go Berkey is just 1 quart – but the unit is very small and portable, standing at about 14″ high and weighing just 3lb.

Berkey water filter reviews have returned largely positive reports of using the Go Berkey. The device uses the same innovative filtration technology as the larger units, and effectively removes a huge range of contaminants. Its filters are strong enough to treat water from streams and rivers while out in nature – making this a great choice for frequent adventurers.

The unit actually comes as a kit, complete with a carrying case, water bottle, filters and a pump (for gathering water from streams). It’s priced affordably, and uses the same long-lasting filters as the full-size Berkeys. Click here to learn more!


3. Berkey Shower Filter

Berkey Shower FilterKey Features: Removes chlorine & contaminants from shower water; helps improve health of skin & hair; filters last 1 year

Price Range: $

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If you’re looking for a way to remove chlorine from your shower water, the Berkey Shower Filter is a great option. This unit replaces your existing shower head, and allows for the safe removal of chlorine, bacteria, and other contaminants. It’s affordable, and backed by the reputation of Berkey. This is Berkey’s first foray into non gravity filters, but looking at Berkey water filter reviews for this unit, it seems that they have done a great job!

You might not think much about the water in your shower since you’re not drinking it, but chemicals in your shower water can still be quite harmful. Chlorine is of particular concern, as it turns to vapor at high temperatures and can be absorbed through your lungs, causing health problems. It also tends to dry out your skin and hair.

The Berkey Shower Filter can effectively and efficiently remove these chemicals, without disrupting your water pressure. Click here to learn more!


These are three of Berkey’s most popular filters. The Big Berkey is very similar to the rest of the full-size countertop units – the main differences between the rest are really just size and capacity. Thus, we chose to highlight these three filters for our readers. We hope that these Berkey reviews have helped you make a decision!

Other counter top brands can be seen here Best counter top water filter.

Keep in mind that Berkey specializes in this one style of gravity filter. There is no Berkey whole house water filter, or Berkey faucet filter. They only make the one style of gravity filter, plus the new shower filter. If that changes, we will be sure to update this guide.

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