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Do you notice any changes in the health of your skin and hair? Are you not satisfied with the changes in the quality of your shower water? Your best solution is the showerhead water purifying system.
The showerhead hard water system will be a great alternative if you don’t want to install a whole house water filter. It will make your life easier although it requires a procedure to install.

Knowing that the customers show interest in the most sophisticated showerhead water systems for hard water. We prepared a list of the best for you. Doing this, we took many different factors into consideration.
We kept in mind some of the best. They are the price, the process of installation, quality, and size of the filter, and other key features you may find interesting.

How We Decided

We compiled a list of products below, taking into consideration the most relevant parameters when choosing a hard water filter. Hard water is basically water in which high amounts of undissolved minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, can be found. The term ‘hard’ was probably mounted on purpose, meaning that doing regular things like showering, washing and cooking are harder to get done when the water is high on undissolved minerals. 

We considered the products’ quality, durability, features, price and warranty when putting together the following list.

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Our Research

9 Best Hard Water Showers Filters On The Market

Pure 7 Filtered Shower Head


  • Contains an integrated replaceable SCL filter cartridge 
  • Number 177 certification of NSF / ANSI Standard  
  • Cutting-edge layout – the producer has given particular attention to the simplicity and modernity in the Pure 7 design

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You can grasp the most amazing characteristics of the product from its name. It has many patterns of spraying one can use. You can get a relaxed feeling while using the product as it gives you a gentle body massage. By clockwise rotation, you can change the settings of the spray.

Many of us are aware that hard water and soaps don’t go well. The effectiveness of the soap you use will improve with the purifying filter which makes the water softer.

An SLC filter attaches to the Pure 7. This will rid your running water from any kind of smell. The nasty smell comes from chlorine and sediment. Users never face issues while taking a shower because this sophisticated filter does well even with warm water.

However, we must mention some shortcomings and advantages it has.


  • It does an excellent job with hot water
  • Filters the running water and frees it from sediments and harmful matter
  • The filter works more than much of the competing products
  • An additional filter comes with the product in the package


  • Some users may find the availability of only 7 patterns for the head shower frustrating


You can use the filter for up to half a year which means 10 thousand gallons spent. You will also get an integrated SLC filter in the package. In practice, it means you will have a whole year of coverage without a need for intervention.


Aqua Eva 15 Stage Shower Filter for Hard Water


  • Fast installation – done in several minutes without professional assistance
  • Shower filter in 15 stages – the quality of water will dramatically improve

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One thing must get clear as we start reviewing Aqua Eva – it does not make the hard water any softer. The biggest improvement it will do is to remove the chlorine without any change in the water pressure or the flow. This will protect your skin from contacting harmful matter.

Like any other product. The Aqua Eva has some pros and cons worth noticing.


  • The membrane attached to the head filter of the shower doesn’t change the water flow neither does it reduce the water pressure.


  • The only element it is good in removing is chlorine. It doesn’t show the similar success with other harmful elements present in the running water
  • If it is frequently used, the filter won’t show a long-lasting quality as you desire


As it comes with a half-inch wide standard pipe, the filter is matching any showerhead with a half-inch connection. You can buy a connector attachment in case the filter does not fit or you have issues with setting it up.

After finishing the setup, let the water run for a couple of minutes to remove the matter that causes the water to get unnatural coloring. After six months, you will need to change your filter with a new one. This also depends on the number of 

Once you install the filter, you should let the water run for a minute to remove the existing carbon dust that causes the black water. Also, remember that you will need to change the filter every six months.

As always, the assessment of the longevity of the filter depends on the size of the household. The more people use it, the sooner you’ll have to change it.


The SparkPod Shower Filter


  • 12 Levels of Filtration – clears the water from smell, bad taste and toxic matter.
  • Economic Consumption – discharge of water reduced to 2.5 per minute.
  • Massage Mode – extra feature. 

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Many tests have shown that the SharkPod Shower Filter has removed all the toxic and damaging matter from the running water. Your water will be free of fluoride, sediment, dirt, and chlorine providing you and your household with excellent quality.

It is well known that many of these materials are causing difficult diseases among which is cancer.

Yet, harmful contaminants are not always the sole reason for the bad quality of the water. Another advantage you’ll gain is the natural taste and smell of your running water. It is a thing that almost every user will recognize.

Some SparkPod users have noticed such improvement on their bodies. This is due to the unique characteristic of this product which supplements your running water with a dozen natural minerals. The duration of the cartridge is half a year if often. As any other product, it has its advantages and shortcomings.


  • Quick Setup – won’t take more than 15 minutes of your time. 
  • Excellent Filter – with a proven capability.


  • Weaker flow of water – you can fix it by removing the ring inside the shower head.


You won’t find the setup of SparkPod difficult at all. The only thing to do is opening the housing and putting a new cartridge instead of the old one. The filter is set up after you close the housing. 10 thousand gallons of water is the largest amount of water it can filter. In practical terms, you can have 500 showers or bathe 250 times before changing the cartridge.


The AquaBliss 12-Stage Shower Filter


  • Two Minute Installation – you will unscrew your old shower head, tighten the new shower filter and install it to the shower head.
  • Great health benefits – improvement of your skin, scalp and nail condition.

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It belongs to those shower filters that you won’t have to spend a lot of time installing. You’ll have to attach it on the one you have been using because the model does not come with a showerhead. After doing it you must let the water run for a couple of minutes.

Among the most special characteristics of this product is its durability. The package contains two cartridges of which each can filter 20 thousand gallons of running water. This will be more than enough for the usage of your whole family since the package is enough to filter more than 40 thousand gallons of water.


  • The quality of your water will improve due to the filter. The water will be free of chlorine and any other harmful material which may cause a smell.
  • The special durability of the product will not need a quick change.


  • Some of the users have reported leaking in the joints of the filter. A simple intervention with a Teflon tape may help you in overcoming this issue.


You will remove a large part of harmful matter from the running water in a very efficient way. Harmful ingredients are chlorine, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, such as lead, but even calcium and magnesium. Your running water will soften.


The Culligan WSH-C125 Wall Mounted Showerhead


  • Produced under NSI/ANSI standards.
  • Quick installation due to the installation of the filter in the existing showerhead. Saves space and time.

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Although the design of this product is a bit different, its efficiency is never questionable. We have a model that represents the whole showerhead instead of being a separate cartridge that filters the running water. In short, you place the cartridge in the showerhead.

Its maintenance will never become a question since this model has a very dependable filter. As any other product, the Culligan WSH-C125 has its pros and cons which you may check in the following section.


  • The 5-year warranty by the manufacturer is among the best features you can imagine for any kind of product.
  • Plain and simple installation of the model.


  • The water pressure in your housing may drop. This is due to the location of the filter in the very showerhead and it is a thing to expect.



The practical design of the showerhead system brings plain installation. The only thing left to the user is the removal of the showerhead and its replacement with a new filter. All the bad smell and strange taste of the water will become history. Not to mention the removal of the harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, chlorine etc.


The iSpring SF1S Showerhead Filter


  • Highly-durable filter – it can last for more than a year.
  • Simple and practical installation – professional help won’t be necessary.
  • Highly-effective filtration system – occurs in 15 stages and eradicates harmful materials. It still doesn’t cut essential vitamins and minerals.

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It is obvious that the best feature of this model is its most unique layout. We can say it’s modern and luxurious at the same time. It will become even more attractive when you set it up on your showerhead.

We can’t single out its most phenomenal feature. In case your filter clogs, it will be very easy to unmount it and clean it. Putting it back on the setup won’t take much of your time.

You can use the cartridge in its best form for up to six months. The period also depends on the number of residents (frequency of usage) and the quality of your running water. Although its cons are negligible, we will still mention some of them.


  • The ability to filter more than 16 thousand gallons tells about the large capacity of this filtering system.
  • By registering the product on the website you may also get an extended manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You will definitely like the efficiency of their customer support service which replies to any of your complaints fast.


  • The pressure of your running water will reduce due to the filter. This happens in almost all cases of filter installation on showerheads.


A great advantage is its price which is not much higher than other filters. Yet, spare filters are pretty expensive and cost as the product itself. This is due to its size. It is bigger and clears away different harmful pollutants like water sediments and heavy metals. 


The Luxsego Ionic Pure Showerhead Filter


  • Variety of Spraying Modes: Jetting, Massage, and Rainfall.
  • Enduring Design: the solid layout of the product will avoid any kind of leaks.

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One of the most economic products of this type is Luxsego. What makes it rare is the low price and quality making it decent to become a part of this list.

Besides having a very unique layout it comes with a showerhead having three different spray patterns. Among them is a unique massaging mode. These features add up to its primary function which is providing safe and healthy water to its users. Anyway, like any other product, it has its stronger and weaker sides.


  • Apart from other models of water filters, this one maintains the same water pressure.
  • Besides its great quality, the price of the filtering system remains its biggest advantage.


  • It is not so effective against all contaminants in the water. 
  • There are many other water filtration systems of better quality in today’s market. 


You won’t need any kind of help during its installation. The process is straightforward and won’t take much of your time. We must praise its eco-friendliness which brings the running water under bigger pressure so the expenditure drops by 30%.

We are talking about a highly-effective product. The water will soften as the greater part of chlorine will go away. Yet, the substances you’ll get rid of remain limited to chlorine, sediment, and rust.  Some users may not find this feature to be a problem whatsoever.


The Pelican Premium Hard Water Filter


  • You may regulate the water flow despite the installation of the filter.
  • Your water will become more natural due to the effective elimination of toxic substances.
  • The filter includes an ocean scent odor in the package.

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Pelican Premium is an efficient product that helps remove the smell and taste of your running water. The levels of toxic substances such as rust and chlorine will drop a hundred times. As a consequence, the health of your skin will improve as it will become less dry. 

Now let’s talk about some of the features, as well as some pros and cons you may encounter while using it.


  • The model stands out with its fantastic design.
  • Unlike other models that reduce the pressure of your running water, you may choose between standard and lowered water flow.
  • As we talk about its durability, here is a model maintaining a leading position, as you may use it for a long time.


  • One of the main shortcomings for the buyers may be the high-ended pricing of this product which is pretty luxurious.


Special functions will help you maintain the filter as consumption goes on. You can use it for a very long time as its performance capacity surpasses 15 thousand gallons. There is also an improvement in the showering performance due to the possibility to control the pressure.


The Captain Eco Universal Shower Filter Purifier


  • Its excellent design will prevent the clotting of the system while the water pressure will remain the same.
  • Plain and simple installation requiring no tools or help.

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Here we come to a product which is standing on the cheaper side. This brings the price of not removing a set of very harmful toxic substances. Yet, when we come to chlorine or chloramine, this water filter model will do its job well. Your running water will become softer. When it comes to getting a more economic product, it is one of the cheapest.

Also, it will rid your water from certain harmful microorganisms. Yet, it won’t be very successful in clearing it from heavy metals or other toxic substances. The steady filter it uses will free the running water from dirt, debris, and any kind of rust it may contain. Despite its cheap price, we will mention its pros which make it a product worth considering.


  • Your water will become softer due to the sediment filter which purifies it.
  • Among the most interesting advantages when you consider buying this product is the economic price making it very popular.


  • Many toxic substances from your water will remain despite the filtration.


The quality of your water will improve due to the sedimentation filter that removes chlorine. It won’t take much time until you notice the dramatic change in the quality of your running water. Captain Eco will make your water soft.


What is A Hard Water Shower Filter?

Unfortunately, the quality of the running water is dropping every year. Many of us are thinking of ways to reduce the unhealthy impact on our bodies and our skin. Among the solutions is the shower filter which we apply on the showerheads. 

It improves water quality by getting rid of bacteria, viruses, chlorine, and heavy metals. As a result, it makes the water softer. This may become a way to maintain the durability of your showerhead as well. Among other features is the ability to protect your showering tool from accumulating soap scum or sedimentation.

In the product review section, you could read about the best and most cheap shower filters available in today’s market. Some of them can filter up to twenty thousand gallons which depend on the usage frequency. You won’t have to worry about its maintenance.

Is it Really Necessary To Buy A Hard Water Filter?

It became a fashion for many municipalities not to maintain the quality of the water pipes for a very long time. The only time they intervene is when some major leaking occurs. 

The testing of toxic substances and microbiological conditions are almost always not occurring. Depending on the location where you live, this may become so extreme that the water may do harm even when we don’t drink it or cook with it.

One of the ways to intervene in such situations is to filter the water by yourself. You may do it by installing a simple system to the sources of running water in your household. In this article, we talk about the water used to take a shower or bathe. 

You may try some more expensive options like a filter for the whole house. It will also remove harmful substances while providing you clear and drinkable water. These systems are not for every consumer’s pocket, its setup requires professional help and is time-consuming. This means you’ll have to put a lot of effort into it.

Some less costly options include the purification of water which flows straight in your bathroom. The best way to get rid of bad-quality water in your shower would be installing a filter in your showerhead. 

The only thing you’ll have to do for maintenance is change your filter every year. The frequency of setup depends on the number of people using the shower.

Its installation and replacement often don’t take much effort so you won’t waste a lot of time. This quick action doesn’t need any previous experience in montage or repair of bathroom hardware. It is so simple that the only thing you’ll need to do is mount the filter to the main head and you are good to go.

What Will I Gain If I Buy A Showerhead Water Filter?

  • Your skin will become smoother and healthier. This is due to the improvement of the quality of your running water which becomes softer. Many households face the issue of dealing with hard water which affects your skin and dries your hair.
  • A high-ended shower filter will kill all bacteria and viruses and prevent them from contacting your body and skin. Most of us know that showerheads are a fitting place for microorganisms to multiply since they are warm and moist enough. This makes them a perfect location to breed.
  • The chlorine substance is one of the most threatening contaminants which makes your hair lose its color and irritates your skin. This is very likely as you are taking shower because your skin will get in direct contact with the contaminant. Its concentration in water gets higher. Filters reduce its concentration in the water.
  • The concentration of harmful heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides will also drop with the usage of filters.
  • There are some extra features that are not related to the filtration of water. Yet, they may provide an excellent experience for the users. The most interesting one is the massaging mode which may be a feature of some higher-end models. The more included extra feature is the variety of spraying patterns available.


What changes will the showering with a filter bring?

The taste and smell of water will go away as the water will get softer. You will recognize the change in the quality of your water immediately.

How can I know when to replace the water filter with another one?

The filters of the products in our review can last from eight to twelve months. This depends a lot on the size of the household and the frequency of usage.

Will this affect the quality of my hair?

It is sure that your scalp will be in better condition. By removing some harmful minerals, the quality of the bathing water will improve. Yet, this is not in relation to the problem of hair loss.

What is the expected lasting of the cartridge?

The model of the system and the frequency of usage in the household are important factors. Yet, cartridges last up to one year.

Are cartridges included in the shower filters?

All shower filters come together with cartridges.

Which are the substances eliminated with shower filters?

Yet, this has much to do with the quality of the product you are purchasing. Harmful substances include rust, dust, pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine and sediments. Some water filters can kill bacteria and viruses.

Is it common for water pressure to reduce due to water filters?

This is not always the case since some of the models may even improve your water pressure. It is a thing you won’t even notice since the water pressure will drop, but not very much. You shouldn’t worry if the water pressure in your household is normal.


Your only job here is to find yourself a suiting water filter since all models reviewed in this article are worth mentioning. All they vary a lot, as you can see in the reviews. There are some important features you have to remember while doing this. It is the water pressure in your shower, the substances it filters from the water, and of course, the suitability of the price.

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