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Water softeners can help save you money, protect your appliances, improve household cleaning, soften your skin, and more! For households with hard water, the benefits of water softeners are clear – and well worth the cost of a good unit. So, the question really becomes not should I get a water softener – but which water softener should I get? A popular brand is Morton, who manufactures both the softening units and the salt that fills them. This guide will give you some Morton water softener reviews to help you find the best model for your needs.

Advantages of Morton Water Softeners

Before we get to Morton water softener reviews of specific products, let’s take a look at the brand as a whole. What sets Morton apart? Why should you buy their products when there are so many competing brands?

Advanced Technology – Morton water softeners have some of the most advanced technology in the industry. For instance, their innovative Look Ahead tech actually tracks and learns your family’s water consumption patterns. This helps analyze current consumption, and predict future consumption – data which is used to determine when a regeneration cycle is needed. Morton products only regenerate as-needed, which saves you time and money, and is more environmentally friendly.

Efficient Design – Morton uses several efficiency measures in their products to keep things running smoothly, while using the fewest resources possible. Low-power consumption, as-needed regeneration and other innovative features are all integral to Morton’s products.

Effective Softening – In short, Morton products do what they are designed to do – soften your water! Morton is a leader in the industry, selling both complete softener units as well as the salts to run them. This gives them an edge over the competition, by being able to control both aspects. They also have some of the most efficient softeners out there, which effectively soften water with minimal resource and power consumption.

Softeners & Supplies – Morton offers both innovative water softenersand the supplies needed to run them. They are actually a salt company first, and a water softener supplier second. Morton salts are some of the best water softener salts on the market, and the salts are specifically designed to work with Morton softeners.

Space-Saving Design – Despite the high performance of these units, they are quite a bit smaller than some competitors. Morton’s space-saving designs help allow more people to use their products, without worrying about whether or not it will fit in the installation area.

Free Testing – Morton offers resources to help you test your water to determine how hard it is. You can order a free test kit from Morton, with no obligation. If you’re unsure whether a water softener is needed, this is a great way to go.

Warranty – Morton stands behind their products. They offer limited warranties on all their softeners. Generally, the tanks are covered for 10 years, while all other parts are covered for 1 year. They also have customer service representatives that can provide technical support and troubleshooting, should the need arise.

In short – Morton knows the water softener industry inside and out. They consistently create reliable, efficient and effective products, which they stand behind with solid customer support and limited warranties. They are a leader in the industry, and for good reason.


Morton Water Softener Reviews & Top Products

Morton has several different products, but the two listed below are their most popular. Other Morton softeners are fairly similar to these, with mainly minor differences in capacity and size. All their models share similar technology, and function in similar ways.


1. Morton System Saver M30

Morton System SaverKey Features: Good for city & well water; 30,000 grains; saves water and salt; whole-house capacity in small, efficient design

Price Range: $$$

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The Morton System Saver M30 is a flagship model for Morton. It’s a top quality, midsized model, capable of handling the water needs of medium households (1-4 people). It can work for well or city tap water, and is rated for moderate to high water hardness levels. It can service water with a maximum hardness of 95 grains per gallon, and can remove up to 7ppm of clear water iron. Despite the high volume it can handle, the unit is fairly small, so it should fit into most installation areas.

Like most Morton models, this one uses the innovative Look Ahead technology to learn your household’s water consumption patterns. This helps reduce the frequency of regeneration cycles, and switches them to an as-needed basis. In the long run, this can save a significant amount of salt and water, which also saves you money! Plus, it comes with free technical support from Morton!

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2. Morton 8706

Morton 8706Key Features: Good for city & well water; 27,000 grains; conserves more water and salt; whole-house capacity in small package

Price Range: $$$

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The Morton 8706 model is consistently well rated in Morton water softener reviews, and it’s one of the best models they offer. It’s similar to the other model discussed here, with a 27,000 grain capacity and the same 7ppm iron removal rating. It also features many of the same features that make Morton units so popular: a space-saving design, smart consumption tracking software, and resource-conserving on-demand regeneration.

The unit comes equipped with everything you need to get started. It’s also backed by a manufacturer warranty (1 year parts, and 10 years on the tank) so you can be confident in your purchase. For small to mid-sized households, this is a great choice for your water softening needs!

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Hopefully these Morton water softener reviews have helped you learn more about the products they offer. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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