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For those of us with hard water in our homes, there’s little option but to get a water softener. A good water softener can help improve the life of appliances, reduce limescale buildup, and result in softer skin and hair after showering. The benefits of water softeners are clear – so really, it becomes a question of which water softener to get! One popular brand is North Star, a company which produces a range of advanced water softeners for home use. This guide will lay out some North Star water softener reviews, focusing on their three most popular products.

Advantages of North Star Water Softeners

Before we get into reviews of specific North Star water softeners, let’s take a look at some of the reasons you may wish to consider this brand over their many competitors.

Smart Technology – All units from North Star come loaded with some slick technology that helps them run more efficiently. For instance, “Look Ahead” technology tracks and learns your water usage patterns over time. It uses this data to determine when it’s time for a regeneration cycle. And unlike most water softeners, North Star systems calculate how much fresh material is required to regenerate the used-up resin beads. This reduces the amount of water and salt needed for each regeneration cycle. The manufacturer claims that this results in needing to use up to 60% less salt.

Smart Programming – North Star water softeners conduct automatic regeneration when needed. Units are pre-programmed to regenerate at 2 a.m., when the unit is unlikely to be in use. Other smart programming features include the Time Keeper, which keeps track of the time for up to 72 hours, without electricity. This helps preserve your settings and cycle progress for 3 full days without power, in the event of a power outage.

High Efficiency & Capacity – These units are built to handle a high capacity of water, and efficiently soften even very hard water. Most North Star units are rated to remove around 5,000 grains of hardness per pound of salt, which is significantly better than many competitors. This higher efficiency, combined with other resource-saving technologies like Look Ahead, North Star units can save you time and money in the long run – and can also be more environmentally friendly!

Reputation & Quality – North Star is a big name in the water softener industry. They have built a reputation for quality products, innovative technology and great customer support. Generally speaking, you can trust that you’re getting a good product when you go with North Star.


North Star Water Softener Reviews & Top Models

Most North Star units are fairly similar, with the main differences being their capacity and the design of the cabinet (single-tank and two-tank). The Cabinet models features both the resin and brine tanks in an all-in-one construction, while the two-tank models have separate tanks. Below, find North Star water softener reviews for each of their three most popular models.


1. North Star NSC30UD Review

North Star NSC30UD reviewKey Features: Designed for medium sized households; 7.3 gallons per minute flow; rated for 5ppm iron removal

Price Range: $$

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The NSC30UD water softener is a great choice for small to medium sized households. The unit offers a good flow rate of 7.3 gallons per minute, which should be sufficient unless you’re trying to run multiple showers at once, for instance. It’s rated to remove iron at 5ppm, so it’s best for areas with medium hard water.

Keep in mind that while this unit is actually one of North Star’s smallest units, it’s still not small. It’s about 4 feet tall, and 1.5 feet wide – so make sure you have a decent amount of space to install this unit before making the purchase.

Like all North Star units, this features Look Ahead tech that learns your water consumption patterns, and other signature North Star features. It has a backlit LCD display that makes it easy to monitor and make changes to settings, if necessary.

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2. North Star NSC40UD1 Review

North Star NSC40UD1 ReviewKey Features: Best for medium to larger families; 10 gallons per minute; best for water with medium hardness

Price Range: $$$

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The NSC40UD1 water softener from North Star is quite similar to the one discussed above, with a few minor changes. This one ups the flow rate to 10 gallons per minute (vs. 7.3gpm), which is the main difference. Thanks to the high-flow valve, this unit is able to pump out around 30% more water, which helps for families wanting the flexibility to run multiple water-using appliances or showers simultaneously.

The 40,000 kilograin capacity and 5ppm iron rating are identical to the previous model, so both are best for homes with moderately hard water. The two units also share the same smart technology and backlit LED. Really, the only difference is the higher flow rate. Both are well rated in North Star water softener reviews.

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3. North Star NST45UD1 Review

North Star NST45UD1 ReviewKey Features: Rated for much higher iron content (12ppm); 10 gallons per minute; best for larger families or harder water sources

Price Range: $$$

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The North Star NST45UD1 is a dual-tank model, where the resin and salt tanks are separate. This means it takes up more space, but also offers more softening power. It’s rated for clear water iron removal up to 12ppm, more than double the two other models discussed here. It also has the higher flow rate of 10gpm, more than enough for even a larger family.

Otherwise, the units are the same – the same backlit LCD display, Look Ahead technology, efficient function, etc. This model is ideal for larger families of 5+ people. It will work well for medium to very hard water.

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Hopefully these North Star water softener reviews have given you something to think about! North Star is a very well respected name in the industry, so any of their models will likely be a good choice. And keep in mind that they do have a LOT of different models, but the basics of each are more or less the same.

The main differences are in the capacity and tank style. Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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