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Hi everybody, 

I’m glad and honored that you are here!Wayne Anthony founder of WFD

My name is Wayne Anthony, a Water Quality Expert and Consultant.

Together with my team of water experts, we want to help you find the best and most reliable water purification method for you and your family.

About Us

At WaterFilterData.org We believe that everyone deserves to have clean, safe drinking water.

Our purpose here is all about water quality. It’s absolutely vital to living a long, healthy life.

Unfortunately, in many parts of America and all across the world, the quality of water is severely lacking, littered with contaminants that pose serious dangers to anyone who drinks it. That’s why we created this site — to help people get clean water by using the best water filters and other water treatment products.

With so many water treatment products on the market today, from simple faucet-mounted water filters to complex reverse osmosis systems, it can be difficult to figure out what you need, what works, and what’s really worth your money. 

Our in-depth, informative guides can help you choose the right water filters and water treatment products for your home.

We recommend that any household or office uses a water filtration system for healthier living.

Every product that we tested and every new method is being posted on our blog. You will find many tips, tricks, and useful suggestions here.

Who Am I?

YES! It’s clean!

I’m Wayne Anthony, a water quality expert – The founder of Water Filter Data.

I have a degree in microbiology and my field of expertise is drinking water.

I’ve spent many years of work as a drinking water quality regulator and I’ve analyzed the structure of water through many laboratory testing – what I found out is that tap water quality does not meet standards that are required. 

My life work taught me that tap water is contaminated and needs improvement, so I put together a group of people led by Austin Meadows experienced water purifier, and we did a lot of research in water softening and water filter improvement.

Who is Austin Meadows?

austin meadowsAustin is a water consultant and blogger for Water Filter Data. He is also the lead researcher when it comes to finding the best products that will help our readers get drinking water. He also enjoys water in many different shapes.

With 10 years of experience in the water quality industry, Austin can instantly pinpoint the cure and the cause for the water pollutant.

He is incessant when it comes to finding the best products to treat water and get our readers an easy to install, easy to use, good value for money product.


Who is Ashtyn Evans?

Ashtyn likes to drink drip coffee. She doesn’t like her water to be contaminated when dripping through her coffee. Besides that, she has been a Ph.D. graduate working as a water quality consultant for many government agencies helping them find solutions to the ever-growing problem of polluted water.

Besides coffee, she loves the mountains, jogs every morning, does keto once in a while.

How to get in touch

WaterFilterData.org is your source for all things related to clean water. 

If there is anything that we left aside and you want to know about water purification or there is a product or system that you’d like to ask us about, you can contact us by email at 


Also, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. 

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