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Although tap water is industry-filtered depending on the source that it comes from, it can be what is called as ‘hard water’ which means that it contains minerals and metals such as calcium and magnesium which can lead to a lot of problems such as stains appearing on areas that the water comes to contact with, it can dry your skin and in some cases make it feel itchy as well as clog up and wear out pipes and appliances that use water.

Additionally, citric acid water softeners balance out the pH level so it is close to the natural pH level of your skin reducing the chances of dry and itchy skin.

Water softeners are an appliance that uses a process called ‘ion exchange’ in order to remove the minerals and metals from the water so they do not pass through your pipes and damage them. In this article, we are going to be reviewing and comparing the top citric acid water softener to help you find the best one for you.

Best Citric Acid Water Softener

  1. PurRite Shower Filter Water Softener
  2. Eddy Electronic Water Descaler – Water Softener Alternative
  3. Aquios DS300 Duo Full House Salt-Free Water Softener & Filter System
  4. NuvoH20 Home Water Softener System

PurRite Shower Filter Water Softener

The PurRite Shower Filter Water Softener is the cheapest citric acid water softener on this list, it is manufactured by a trustworthy company whose products are available in major retail chains such as Sears and Home Depot. This citric acid water softener is specially designed for easy and fast installation, according to the manufacturer the average installation time takes just a few minutes.

Key Features:

  • Filtration and purification of all large particles and also common minerals such as chlorine, calcium, heavy metals and sediments which makes sure that the water will not irritate your skin, it is safe for consumption if needed and also that there are no odors.
  • A multi-step 15 process that adds key elements such as Vitamin C, Nano Silver, and Kado 55 that help further purify the water and also increase your overall health.
  • No tools are required to install this water softener which makes it even easier to use.
  • Despite being fairly low priced this product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Specially made to be put on shower head allowing you to have fresh and clean water to wash your hair with.

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Eddy Electronic Water Descaler – Water Softener Alternative

Manufactured by the British electronic descaler company Eddy, this electronic water descaler is in the mid-price range of citric acid water softeners on the market however it is advertised as a cost-effective answer to dealing with limescale building up inside of the pipes due to the content in the water.

Furthermore, according to the official website of the manufacturer of this product, it is CE and FCC certified in the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States showing that it is a high-quality citric acid water softener alternative that is both effective and safe to use.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty against breakdown giving you peace of mind that if anything happens which is not your fault you qualify for a free replacement or repair.
  • Easy to install with no plumbing work required.
  • No maintenance required which in the long term saves you a lot of money and time.
  • Additionally, you are promised complete satisfaction or you can get your money back, terms and conditions do apply.
  • According to statistics from the manufacturer of this product they have had 99% customer satisfaction in the past 14 years that this product has been sold.

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Aquios DS300 Duo Full House Salt-Free Water Softener & Filter System

Aquios DS300 Water Softener is the most expensive product in this comparison review article, it comes with very similar features to the two other products on this list however those features are overall superior.

For example, this water softener is able to treat water that has a hardness of 30 GPG compared to the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler which is able to treat hard water of 20 GPG and the PurRite water softener which does not have a specified GPG rating.

Key Features:

  • Designed to have a high flow rate and high filtration rate allowing for fast and efficient filtration with no loss of efficiency in the filtration even if there is a higher flow in the pipes.
  • Able to handle higher than average hard water GPG which makes it a lot more reliable no matter where you live in the world.
  • Salt-free technology that helps prevent limescale from forming on the water.
  • A 20-year warranty is included with this product.
  • 5-micron catalytic carbon filtration that is able to remove even the slightest traces of chemicals that may have contaminated the water.

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NuvoH20 Home Water Softener System

NuvoH20 Home Water Softener System is one of the three premium citric acid water softeners from the NuvoH20 company that specialize in creating water filters and softeners that employ the power of citrus rather than of salt.

This product is designed to adjust the pH levels to where they are healthy for the human skin as well as using agents in the citrus constituent that binds the metals and minerals to prevent them from building up on surfaces and causing scaling.

Key Features:

  • Extremely high capacity is available for the filters with the ability to process 20,000 gallons before you need to buy a replacement filter.
  • Approved by reputable government bodies such as the FDA and the NSF which should give you confidence that this product is safe to use.
  •  have designed it with eco-friendliness in mind with the water softener not using any electricity to work and also producing no waste.
  • Installation is also very easy with the additional option of booking an appointment with a certified NuvoH20 who will make the process quick and effortless.
  • Ability to pay in monthly installments for the product through the official NuvoH20 website which allows you to have more flexibility with your finances.

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Salt-Based Water Softener vs Salt-Free Water Softener

The two types of water softeners that dominate the market are salt-based water softeners and salt-free water softeners, and the difference between the two types is much bigger than just the fact that one does not use a form of salt in its filtration system.

Salt-based water softeners uses various types of salt that remove particles and hard minerals that is in the water, it is very effective however due to salt being used often the water will have a much saltier taste and also contain a higher than average amount of salt which dries the skin and is also not good for your health if you frequently consume it.

On the other hand, you have the so-called salt-free water softeners which in reality are not really a type of softeners but are actually officially known as ‘water conditioners’ as rather than removing the materials from the water they change the structure of the metals and other minerals in the water that reduces the chances of them sticking and building up inside the piping and other surfaces.

Salt-free water softeners are also known as citric acid water softeners with citric acid being one of the main ingredients for altering the composition of the minerals and ions in the water, we go in further detail about citric acid below.

best whole house water filter for well water

Advantages of Salt-Free Water Softener

  • Much more effective at protecting your pipes and appliances from damage that can be caused by hard water.
  • Healthier to drink than water that has been processed by a salt-based water softener and reduces the chances of you suffering from illnesses related to high salt intakes such as stroke and heart attack.
  • Moreover, the water is better for your skin with a lower chance of your skin drying and itching as well as your hair becoming oily which is another common side effect associated with salty water.
  • You have to use less personal cleaning products as well as cleaning products for your house as there is less salt so you will not have to wash the salt residue from yourself. the areas in your house that get in contact with water and other objects with the most common example being your dishes.
  •  uses water will increase.

How Citric Acid Water Filters Work?

Citric acid is a type of acid that is classed as ‘weak’ and in water filters, it is used to bind ions and chemicals together in order to reduce their effectiveness of sticking and building up on surfaces that they get in contact with which can include the walls of your bathroom, pipes, and taps for example.

Like all filters, citric acid water filters need to be replaced regularly based on the recommended lifespan use as well as the amount of gallons that are filtered on average, if you happen to use up a lot of water then you will have to change the filter every month for example compared to the two months recommended timeframe.


What Is Citric Acid Used for in Water Treatment?

Citric Acid is a natural ingredient that to the average person is best known for being present in so-called citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and many other varieties.

Apart from being a great food preservative, citric acid is also what is known as a ‘chelating agent’ which is a chemical that initiates a chemical reaction with metal ions that causes them to come together which makes them lose properties that include the ability to build upon surfaces which can damage them in the longer, cause water-based appliances to break down and also be a hub for bacteria to thrive.

At What Temperature Does Citric Acid Burn?

Citric Acid has a very high burn temperature of 153 degrees Celcius or alternatively 307 degrees Fahrenheit this makes it a safe chemical to use in water softeners as there is minimal chance of the temperature inside of those appliances heating up to such levels so you if you install citric acid water softeners then you do not have to worry about adverse reactions occurring from the citric acid burning due to such high temperatures.

Regardless it is very important to handle citric acid with care because if you do not pay attention and happen to heat up an appliance that contains citric acid then you are in danger of getting seriously hurt as citric acid turns into gas when burned and if it has no ability to leave the facility where it is contained it can cause an explosion.

Is Citric Acid Strong or Weak?

Citric acid is graded as a weak acid which means that it has a higher pH level than average and that it also causes a chemical reaction when placed in another liquid which is most commonly water.

What Is Citric Acid Used For?

Citric acid is used in citric acid water softeners to bond together different metal ions and chemicals in order to reduce certain properties which in water softener appliances are most commonly to reduce the side effects of hard water that include scaling and damage to water appliances.

Citric acid is also an essential ingredient in the salt-free water softeners that helps protect pipes and other surfaces without introducing a large quantity of salt into the water which comes with other big drawbacks to people’s health.

Do Citric Acid Water Softeners Use a Lot of Electricity?

No, Citric Acid Water Softeners do not use any electricity as it is simply an appliance that contains a filter that automatically works by itself as water is passing through it by reacting with metal ions and other chemicals that are common in hard water.

The majority of manufactures of citric acid water softeners pride themselves on their environmentally friendly initiatives that aim to limit waste and energy use.


In conclusion, there are a lot of different citric acid water softeners and salt-free water softeners to choose from. There is no clear winner that everyone must buy instead each model that we have listed in this comparison article is ideal for different types of consumers.

For example, if you are budget conscious then the PurRite Shower Filter Water Softener and the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler being the best option for you as they both cost under $200.

Overall, the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is the best money for value appliance out of the two cheap options as it has a proven track record of over a decade of positive reviews as well as it is made of higher quality materials compared to the PurRite Shower Filter Water Softener which is made for very limited use in your shower.

While on the other hand, you have the Aquios DS300 Duo Full House and NuvoH20 Home Water Softener System which come with improved features but both cost over $500, they are good long term investments however not everyone is prepared to pay such a large amount of money for water softeners.

These models are also likely to be more durable with the NuvoH20 Home Water Softener System’s filter being able to process 20,000 gallons of water before wearing down and needing replacement with the filters costing only a fraction of the total price that you will pay originally. Out of the two expensive options, the NuvoH20 Home Water Softener System citrus acid water softener is the best value for money as it has a very durable filter that offers amazing value for money.

If you live in an area that has very hard water, then the Aquios DS300 Duo Full House is the best option for you as it has a GPG of 30 which is a measure of the level of hardness of water that it can process.

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