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Selecting the best inline water filter for your purposes can turn out to be a quite time-consuming and tedious task. Some filters will require a pre-installed system, while others can be mounted on an already existing water supply. Choosing your preferred filter can also be stressful because of the big selection on the market. 

Also, when you consider all of the filters’ components, features, or unique qualities, a detailed comparison will be a must. So, during your selection process, make sure your options are explored, and be confident when choosing the filter that suits your needs.

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10 Best Inline Water Filters On The Market

Armed with this information it is time to check the options and decide what inline filter would be best for your needs. We searched the web for the best offers out there, so you would not have to:

Watts Inline Water Filter 20,000 Gallon Capacity 

General Product Description:

  • This filter is ready to be installed directly out of the box. Having all the necessary installation accessories and connectors, you can try to install it by yourself;
  • It works perfectly for a range of water coolers, fountains, brewers, up to boats, and movable houses;

Product Features:

  • It has a large capacity of 20,000 gallons, making it a reasonable choice for many homes;
  • It has Innovative Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, removing any chemicals that might be present in the water giving strange water taste;
  • Contains no lead and is tested in reducing chlorine in the water; 
  • It decreases bad odors as well as water chlorine and sediments;

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Coming from a company that is part of the industry for more than 130 years, if you look for an inline water filter, checking the Watts Premier inline filter must be one of your options. With a variety of features and being able to connect it to almost any water supply, you will greatly appreciate and like it. 

The Watts Premier Inline Water Filter can work for both residential and many types of commercial ice makers ranging from refrigerators, brewers, coolers up to boats, and even motorhomes. Based on your water usage and quality, it can filter up to 20,000 gallons, or about one year of use. 

However, it is recommended that you check it every six months so you can be on the safe side.

When it comes to reducing unwanted odor and taste, as well as chlorine and water sediments, the Watts Premier inline water filter home depot is also one of the most practical choices. No matter if you want to improve the water quality in your home or mobile home, there is no room for worrying, as this filter will do its job effectively.


  • It is NSF-listed and WQA-certified;
  • The filter is almost maintenance-free. Make sure it is checked every six months, so you know that everything is in order;
  • For any questions or issues, there is customer and technical support on standby for help and assistance.


  • Although you have every necessary piece in the box, installation can be a little tricky.

Culligan RC 4 EZ-Change Premium Replacement Cartridge

General Product Description:

  • This Culligan water filter is easily attached to any previously installed Culligan water system, including RV, inline ice makers, and under-sink models.
  • The filter comes with adapters that can adapt any size tubing;

Product Features:

  • There are 500 gallons of water capacity;
  • The filter removes up to 99.9% of the water contaminants, leaving the water purer, cleaner, and with no harmful additions;

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With a broad assortment of trusted products, Culligan is an 80+ years old known company. With a 500 gallons filter that has been heavily relied on among the homeowners, you will end up with purified and clear water for many months after its installation, no matter if you need for cooking, for your water system, refrigerator, or even your ice maker. 

You will be able to fit this filter into any other type of Culligan EZ water system regardless of the model that has been initially installed, including RV, inline ice makers, or under-sink models. This cartridge would help with the elimination and reduction of a ton of unnecessary water additions. 

Nearly every contaminant that creates odor or might cause harm to human health is eliminated by this filter.

Also, you shouldn’t worry about the water supply tub size. The Culligan filter will never have problems with any water capacity due to its adapters that can easily accommodate any tubing. And with the capacity to instantly improve the water taste and odor, this brand proudly stands by their product, and hopefully under your sink as well.


  • The filter follows NSF/ANSI filtration standards;
  • The filter is maintenance-free;
  • There is an affordable price for almost any household budget;


  • This filter can be used only if there is a pre-installed Culligan system. As such, this option might not work for everyone. 

Inline Water Filter by Pure Water Filters

General Product Description:

  • The filter could be mounted on any water supply system that applies the same size water line;
  • There are 15 extra feet 1/4th inch water line ready for connecting to the already installed water line;
  • The ready to use quick-connect fittings make any installation hassle-free;
  • The graphic instructions which are easy to follow will make the installation quite an easy process;

Product Features:

  • It greatly decreases the chlorine levels and reduces the water odor;
  • The Inline Water Filter can work through 1,500 gallons of water (or aim to change it after one year of usage);

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Something that every person loves is an easy and hassle-free installation. And that is just one of the great things about this filter – its installation takes less time compared to other inline water filters on the market. Plus, this filter has all necessary parts, including the hardware, and it is ready to be used as soon as you need it. 

Another point you will like is the convenience it offers. You can install it in various locations, going from under the sink, the ice maker, the refrigerator, or even in the cabinet. You will also like the option to use this filter as a counter water filter system for the kitchen faucet. 

Last but not least, water fountains or beverage equipment or can benefit from this water filter as well. As an economical solution, this can be your preferred choice for many occasions. 

But really, what will get you to choose this filter is its performance. The Inline Water Filter functions with very high capacity, outperforming many other filters on the market. This is especially true during the filtration of the chlorine and odor. 

You would see a visible difference with the ice, as cloudy ice tends to be a common problem that refrigerators equipped with ice makers produce. Such an outcome is usually the result of using hard water that goes directly into the waterline. 

Another great benefit of the inline water filter is that once installed on the icemaker, it also works on the water coming from the refrigerator. Overall, you can’t go wrong with it.


  • When installed on an icemaker, the filter will work with the water that comes from the refrigerator as well;
  • The filter is tested and certified by NSF Int against the ANSI/ NSF Standard 42;
  • There is a lifetime warranty for any malfunctioning or defective parts;


  • When this filter is installed on a refrigerator equipped with a dual ice maker, the performance drops down, being not as effective as a single ice maker fridge.

EcoPure EPINL30 5 Year in-Line Refrigerator Filter-Universal

General Product Description:

  • The EcoPure filter can be utilized with other brands, like GE, LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, etc.;
  • It has all the necessary accessories, including fittings, so the filter can be connected to both copper and plastic water lines;

Product Features:

  • The filter offers great durability, allowing a constant performance of up to five years;
  • It is well effective in moments of filtering out many water contaminants, including sediment and chlorine;

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Compatible with various appliances from ice makers to refrigerators, the EcoPure EPINL30 will give you a lot of value for your money. The filter is long-lasting, durable, and has shown heavy-duty performance with a lifetime of up to five years. Although it is a Whirlpool water filter, it is compatible with brands like Samsung, GE LG, and Frigidaire, too. 

You would love how easy this model can be installed. Even with fundamental plumbing knowledge, you would be able to install it very quickly (of course, if you decide to do it by yourself). You would appreciate how its compact design can fit in many small spaces. 

This water filter will be applicable even if you look for something that could accommodate your RV as well. The water filter package comes with all necessary accessories, including the fittings, which would assist you to attach to copper or plastic water lines.

You would greatly appreciate its efficiency in terms of filtering out chlorine, sediment, or any other water contaminants. It will also reduce the water odor while improving its taste. This filter works very well in enhancing the quality of drinking water so you can keep your family members safe from any possible damaging effects of dirty tap water might have.


  • As the filter has a compact design, it can be fitted in smaller spaces;
  • There is a precise installation guide with the package, allowing for almost anyone to install it;


  • Unfortunately, the filter is not that effective in reducing water odor.

Woder 10 K with JG-1/4 Ultra High Capacity Refrigerator Water Filter / Ice Maker Filter

General Product Description:

  • The filter comes with everything needed for easy installation, including the built-in JG sonically welded connectors;
  • It is easily installable. It takes 5-15 minutes in almost any type of environment;

Product Features:

  • The filter comes with advanced selective filter technology that will remove 99.9% of all harmful water contaminants;
  • It can be used for up to 3 years or 10,000 water gallons.

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The Woder water filter was developed with the intention of people enjoying tap water as healthy as natural spring water. 

The advanced selective filter technology used for this inline water filter allows removing up to 99.9% of all water contaminants, while still leaving behind the naturally occurring essential minerals vital for good health, like calcium, potassium, and trace sodium amounts.

Taking from about 5 to 15 minutes for installation, there won’t be an environment where it will not be able to fit. As there are no specific tools or plumbing training required, this filter can be installed by almost anyone. In many cases, deciding where you will mount it could take as long as the installation itself. 

This filter can go for up to 3 years or 10,000 gallons of water. For the longest life, the company recommends this filter to be used only with municipal water and not well water, unless in cases where the water has been tested and is clean as the regular municipal water. 

This water filter should not be used with salty water, nor residentially or commercially softened water. It should only be connected to the cold water supply line for drinking purposes.


  • Registered with the EPA, solidly built with only NSF approved materials (NSF 61);


  • It does not act as a replacement filter for other filters;
  • It cannot fit braided hoses;
  • The filter can only connect to the cold-water supply line.

LASCO 37-1821 Ice Maker Inline Filter with 1/4-Inch Compression Connection

General Product Description:

  • This filter is great for refrigerators and icemakers;
  • Its coconut shell shows ultra-durability, making it an excellent material for inline filter systems;

Product Features:

  • It can filter 1500 gallons of water;
  • The filter reduces the amount of lead and mercury ensuring all essential minerals are intact;
  • Can remove chlorine and water sediments;
  • It reduces the bad odor and taste;

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LASCO, as one of the top market brands, can easily assist your home to be supplied with clean and safe water both for drinking and cooking. It is counted as a top reliable brand in terms of technology, too. 

With just 10 inches long and 2 inches wide, this water filter could fit almost anywhere. Initially created for refrigerators to give clean and odorless ice, now it is used in almost every water line (½ inch).

This inline water filter is great for a pressure washer as well. It is ideal for filtering out water contaminants, including sediments and chlorine. It will also reduce the amount of lead and mercury while ensuring all essential minerals are maintained.

When it comes to capacity, this filter model has a 1500-gallon filtration capacity, quite enough for an average-sized household. This external water filter will be perfect for damage prevention of many water-utilizing appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines. 

This is because it could filter sediments and other water contaminants that usually lead to scale buildup. 

What you will love about this inline filter is its simplicity. There are only a few pieces to it, so installing it is super easy. And even with a simple, coconut shell-based housing and filter, it does a nice job of filtering out hard water particles. 


  • It can reduce haziness, cloudiness, and water trihalomethanes;
  • It is ideal for damage prevention of water-utilizing appliances;
  • The filter needs very little maintenance and cleaning (you can change it once a year or according to the water condition and your family’s consumption);


  • The filter tends to be tricky for installing it the first time;
  • Its brass screw fittings did not appear strong and sturdy.

AQUACREST Inline Water Filter

General Product Description:

  • This filter uses nothing less but premium materials;
  • It is very easy to be installed, as no tools are required;

Product Features:

  • The filter comes with innovative filtration technology that can remove limescale, fluoride, and chlorine’s taste and odor, all while retaining all positive minerals;
  • Its optimal filtration performance is around 2,000 gallons of water (or a change is recommended after six months).

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The Aquacrest Inline water filter can find a perfect fit within any household. As its naturally activated coconut carbon is connected with the scale inhibitor and fluoride remover, the result is water with a lot more pleasant taste. 

It also ensures purification is at optimum through the use of an upgraded filtration system. This filter’s advantage lies in its innovative filtration technology, ensuring the removal of many water additives, including chlorine’s taste and odor. It is also very user-friendly as its structure is robust, making any replacement quick, hassle-free, and leak-free process.

You would love this filter’s effectiveness in removing unwanted elements in the water. At the same time, it keeps all positive minerals that are healthy for you and your family within the water. This is just another guarantee you are drinking the best water out there. 

It is highly recommended for the filter to be replaced after 2,000 gallons or after every six months, whatever comes first based on your usage and water quality to which the filter is connected.


  • The filter’s structure is designed to be robust, making any replacement quick, leak-free, and hassle-free process;


  • The initial flushing takes too much water;
  • This filter’s package comes with only 3 filter replacements and does not contain the fittings and connectors for the two ends.

Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Water Filtration System

General Product Description:

  • This filter allows a quick installation process in the current tap water system;
  • It offers three types of filters – Standard, Advanced, and Maximum;

Product Features:

  • It can reduce lead in the water by up to 99.3%, as well as other heavy metals;
  • The filter does a great job reducing chlorine’s taste and odor;
  • It creates no reduction in the flow rate, keeping it steady at 2.25 GPM;
  • The advertised lifetime for this filter is of 6 months or 2,000 gallons;

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3M3M is a household name, so having them part of this list is not a coincidence. Using this under sink filter model is an easy way to transform any hard water into pure and clean drinking water. The 3M advertises a lifetime on this filter of 2,000 gallons water or 6 months. But what will be your absolute favorite feature of this model is their filter life reminders. 

They offer two different ways to remind you that it’s time to change the filter. The first option is date stickers that you could use so anytime you look under your sink you would see the filter’s date on when it was replaced the last time. The second option, which is also a much cooler option, is a text message reminder system, unique to this company.

Combining these features with the excellent job this 3M inline filter is doing, and you have another great filter choice in front of you. It does an admirable job of reducing odor and chlorine as well. It will also be a nice option for anyone who is struggling with the presence of lead and other heavy metals in their water supply. 


  • The filter replacement is always quick and easy;
  • There are filter life reminders, unique for this company.


  • The maximum temperature on which this filter can operate is 100 degrees (F.)

AmazonBasics Inline Water Filter, 2 Pack

General Product Description:

  • The AmazonBasics filter is compatible with almost all standard hoses;
  • It used Kinetic Degradation Fluxion for water purification purposes;

Product Features:

  • There is a 20-micron sediment filter that stops bacteria growth and eliminates the bad taste caused by chlorine or other water sediments;
  • It also removes heavy metals from the water, as well as other harmful elements like fungus, iron, cadmium, aluminum, etc.;

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You can drink cleaner and better-tasting water with the implementation of the AmazonBasics Inline water filter in your household. But this water filter is not limited to inside usage, but also for outdoors. 

Although it is a smaller inline filter, it can filter out many different water contaminants, going from chlorine and sediment up to aluminum, fungus, and other heavy metals. As rural areas that use well water tend to be typically high in metal, the AmazonBasic inline filter can be a perfect solution. 

The secret here is the Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, also known as KDF technology, for purification. There is a 20-micron sediment filter that stops bacteria growth while eliminating the bad taste caused by chlorine or other water sediments.

Being a fully mobile and portable filter, it can be brought outside and connect it to a faucet or hose, getting some cleaning done, a little gardening, or even bathing your dog. Built for functionality, this water filter is very compact and lightweight, making no additional weight as you move it around your home while being connected to the hose.


  • This filter is durable and long-lasting, being a good option for an entire camping season;
  • It is also lightweight for carrying around;


  • The flow rate with this filter is slower compared to other water filters.

Camco 40045 Inline RV Water Filter

General Product Description:

  • The filter comes with an adjustable hose protector;
  • It uses Kinetic Degradation Fluxion for purifying the water;

Product Features:

  • Granular Activated Carbon removes chlorine’s odor and taste as well as many other sediments;
  • It also stops bacteria, fungus, and mold growth;

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This top of the line water filter is all USA-made with materials built to last. Even after the first glass of usage, you will notice and taste the water difference. Based on the water source quality, the water filter should be able to serve you during a whole camping season. 

Camco filter’s mission is to remove the chlorine’s odor and taste, as well as any other harmful water sediments. The great success of doing this is thanks to its KDF fluid treatment. This water filter is not only making the water’s taste better, but it also stops the growth of bacteria, fungus, and mold.

The Camco filter can also be used outdoors in multiple locations for different purposes. Feel free to take advantage of it in your RVs, gardening area, cleaning the car, or even bathing your dog. It is easily attachable to a standard water hose, giving you instantly cleaner water for multiple purposes. 

To guarantee all components are secured, the Camco TastePURE filter also has a hose protector. It helps with the hose pressure, avoiding any hose crimping. Additionally, its practical design has a full-body inline built to improve and increase the water flow rate. It offers a higher capacity so you can get more water in a minute.


  • The body design of this filter is broad, allowing increased capacity and flow rate;
  • It has multiple uses. When attached to any standard water hose, it immediately provides healthier drinking water and cleaner water overall;


  • This filter cannot be used for fish tanks or ponds;
  • There are no tests done that can confirm the efficiency of this filter.

The Few Steps to Your New Perfect Water Filter 

There are several things you need to look for when selecting the next inline water filter. We understand choosing an inline water filter might look like a lot harder task than initially planned, especially with so many good choices like the one above. Starting from simple filters up to ones that need fully pre-installed systems – we are here to assist you. 

We will go through each step that you need to take and will add a few key facts that should be of help when bringing your decision. But before we jump with all those filter types, if you are curious to learn more about water purification and its importance, you can read and learn here.

Let’s Start with the Basics

Simply put, the inline water filter represents a filter that is attached to the water system whose job is to purify the water. Usually positioned under the sink, it isn’t taking a lot of space. As the inline water filter is installed directly in the main water line, effective water filtering gives safer and cleaner water for the whole family. 

Moreover, the filters improve the water’s taste smell by removing chlorine and other water substances and chemicals. Plus, inline water filters offer great versatility. This is due to their compatibility to be installed to additional water lines from which refrigerators, washing machines, and other water-needed appliances can use clean water.

How Does Your Filter Work

As it is attached directly to the main water line, any inline water filter offers a direct and effective way of filtering out and removing various toxins and foreign substances from the water supply.

After installation, the filter will start working immediately. Like all water filters, the inline water filter also does mechanical and chemical filtration stages.

The first stage is focused on particle barrier use. Based on the type of filter, it can remove numerous particles, toxins, chemicals, or other impurities in your water. With this, you will immediately get cleaner water.

The second stage is the chemical filtration process, which is also the most important one. As any tap water has a lot of chemicals and other substances that can turn out to be dangerous to our health, filtration of this nature is a must. Contracting any diseases and sickness is very limited after the filtration process is over.

The chemical filtration stage is where the improvement of the water taste and smell happens. Additionally, the water’s cleanliness and toxicity levels are being checked as well. During this stage, based on the filter, there is effective filtering and removal of various contaminants, going from viruses and bacteria up to volatile organic chemicals, toxins and substances.

And if your curiosity asks for more, you can check this quick video on how you can install inline filters.

Types of Filters

As you can see from our list of inline water filters, there are many different types and options. And the first thing you need to be sure of before choosing one is to know where the filter will be installed. 

Are you looking for cleaner ice coming out of the ice maker? Or do you want clean sink water to drink and clean with? You may have an existing water purification system that needs filters. 

As you can see, These are many things that you should consider before making that decision. Here are a few examples of inline filter types:

Charcoal Filters

Charcoal is a popular choice and is known for removing numerous toxins and other substances. Since charcoal contains carbon, it naturally attracts similar elements as well, which in turn, gets them filtered out of your water supply.

Carbon-Activated Filters

Carbon filters work in the same way as charcoal filters in that they sense that they also attract carbon-based chemicals and substances to them. With this, these impurities will stick to the filter medium for easy filtering and removal. 

Granular Filters

Granular filters emphasize a blend of different filter media that target a broad range of chemicals and substances efficiently. With different-sized pores, this filter can trap and filter out a lot of particles from your water supply.

Specific Filter for Existing Water Systems

There is a range of home water purifying systems you can find on the market. If you have one of those, make sure you find the filter that works for that specific type. Otherwise, you would just waste your money and add to your frustration.

Refrigerator Inline Water Filters

If you have a refrigerator with a water line attached or an ice maker, you may want to look at adding an inline water filter. Most refrigerators with water lines have an included filter for the drinking water portion, but not all of them. 

Under Sink Inline Water Filters

Having clean sink water is one of the most important things to me. For drinking water or washing dishes, it is invaluable. If you want to take a look at what Reddit thinks on what are the best options out there, please check our guide here.

Pay Attention To The Filter’s Capacity And Predicted Lifeline

When you start with your search for the right inline filter, it is expected for you to have questions that you will want to find the answers to before the final decision. 

In our opinion, two of the key questions you should always ask need to be connected with the filter’s predicted lifetime, and how many gallons of water can you pump through it before it would be time for a replacement?

Questions like these will already give you the idea of what you are buying. Every filter has an expected lifetime, or also known as a universal time frame. This is the expected time the producer thinks will be needed for a new filter. 

However, you know your family the best. The true lifetime will vary from one family to another. It all depends on how much water is being used, or in some cases, how hard the water is in that region. 

For example, if you are a couple, or you have a small family, the water consumption will be smaller compared to a bigger family of 5 or 6 people. The life of the filter will be extended, as you will not be using it so often. 

You will also need to know how many gallons of water the filter can process before it is time to be changed. And even if the filter has a declaration which says, “6 Month Filter Life,” those 6 months will be a total guess, as again, that might not be the case for your family. 

Whenever you can, have an extra water testing kit on hand. You will allow you to test your water and know exactly when your filter is no longer doing its job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is an Inline Water Filter?

An inline water filter is a water filtration device that is added to your existing water line.

Why Would I Need an Inline Water Filter?

If you have hard water or are dealing with a well water supply, an inline water filter can clean and purify your water.

Do Inline Water Filters Only Work With Sinks?

No, you can install an inline water filter into nearly any water supply. Refrigerators with icemakers, showers, campers, and RVs, too

How to Maintain and Clean Inline Filters?

Depending on the best inline water you bought, the manufacturer might have specific directions on how to care and clean it. For some models, they don’t need disassembly for cleaning because it is with a filter element that can flush clean in a minute without tools required. 

It also does not need to turn off the water supply to clean the filter. For more guidance, you must check the instruction manual that comes with the filter you bought.

How Long do Inline Water Filters Last?

There is no specific answer to this question. The filter’s longevity may depend on certain factors, including water consumption or condition. Some filters may need replacement every year. Nevertheless, you must check for the filter every six months to see if it needs a replacement for optimal function.

Do Inline Water Filters Work With Iron?

Iron is a common element found in water, especially in rural areas. Not all filters can filter iron and other metals, so look for one that is approved by NSI and the WQA. These approvals will tell you exactly what each filter can remove from your water.

Will Any Water Filter that Removes Chlorine also Take Out Trihalomethanes?

No, not all water filters that are certified to reduce chlorine can also remove trihalomethanes. Chlorine is relatively easy to remove from water. But chlorine that has interacted with organic material to form trihalomethanes, and therefore has assumed a different molecular structure than that of chlorine, is extremely difficult to remove. 

The only way to be confident that a water filter actually will remove trihalomethanes is to check with NSF or another recognized certifying authority to verify the specific contaminants the product has been certified to remove. 

Which Water Filter Removes the Most Contaminants?

It depends on the type of the best inline water you have chosen. Some are selective, and the meaning is only for removing specific contaminants in the water. To get started, you can compare the items that we’ve featured earlier for reference.

Why is NSF Certification Important?

NSF International is an internationally recognized, not-for-profit, third-party testing organization that tests and certifies products to ensure they meet strict public health standards. Certified water filtration products are tested to verify that they meet certain standards for health and aesthetics. 

The result for the customer is full confidence in the product’s performance based upon independent verification that the product will do precisely what the literature says it will do.

Certification by NSF® assures the consumer that:

  • Claims of contaminant reduction are true.
  • The system does not add anything harmful to the water.
  • The system is structurally sound.
  • Advertising, literature, and labeling are not misleading.
  • Materials and manufacturing processes do not change.

To ensure that manufacturers continue to meet these requirements, NSF® conducts unannounced inspections of manufacturing facilities at least once a year. 

Final Verdict

We know there is a lot of information to take when deciding the best inline water filter for your situation. But remember one thing, it is your situation, so what may be best for you may not be the best for your friends or parents. After all, you cannot put a price on clean water – it is invaluable and something we all deserve.

With all the suggestions we shared with you, we still decided to pick out a winner. In our eyes, that is the Pure Water Filters Inline Water Filter. With graphic instructions that are easy to follow, and having Quick-Connect fittings that make installation very easy, this filter can be installed by most people. 

Plus, it can be attached to any water supply that uses the same size water line, which is another great saving option for many people.

It greatly reduces chlorine levels and reduces odor, plus the service life of the Pure Water in Line Water Filter is 1,500 gallons of water or approximately 1 year. With a lifetime warranty on any defective or malfunctioning parts, we are sure you will sleep easy knowing that you have solved your water filtering problem for a lifetime.

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