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Water coolers are an extremely useful appliance that is perfect for households and also offices where you can filter water with ease and store water that can be instantly adapted to your temperature preferences.

The way that a water cooler works is that you insert a specially made tank provided by the manufacturer which for the majority of companies you have the option to later re-fill yourself, the water is stored in that tank until you need it.

The hot water and cold water both pass through carbon filters, however, there is a difference between the filtering steps of different temperatures settings with the hot water option being heated up in order to kill bacteria while the cold water option goes through ultraviolet in order to kill anything that has not been picked up by the filters in the early stage.

There are hundreds of different water cooler dispensers out there and in this article, we are going to be helping you find the best water cooler based on your needs and preferences as well as giving detailed information about how to properly use one and the different types that are out there for sale.

Best Water Coolers On The Market

  1. Primo Stainless Steel Water Cooler
  2. hOmeLabs Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser
  3. KUPPET Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser
  4. Amay Desktop Water Cooler
  5. Brio CL520 Commercial Grade Hot and Cold Top Load Water Dispenser
  6. VBENLEM 2 in 1 Water Cooler Dispenser with Built-in Ice Maker Machine

Best Water Cooler On The Market – Ranked and Reviewed Comparison Chart


Primo Stainless Steel Water Cooler

A high-quality water cooler that comes with a sleek look and made using stainless steel which makes sure that even if there is any spillage on the outside that there is no risk of rusting and thus degradation.

Additionally, the product has UL certification which means that it is has been properly tested by standard agencies and it is found to be safe to use, also the Primo Stainless Steel Water Cooler is rated as energy efficient.

This water cooler dispenser is able to dispense both hot and cold water through its basic interface that makes it very easy and straightforward to figure out how to use. On this product, there are three temperature settings which are cold, cool and also hot. Furthermore, there is a leak guard that makes sure that the majority of the spillages that occur when pouring water out of the cooler will not full on the floor.

Another great feature on this water cooler dispenser that you do not find on a lot of other appliances is that there is a child safety lock that minimizes the chances of children turning on the cooler which will prevent them from making a mess as well as making sure that your children do not burn themselves if they select the hot water option.


  • Very easy to change the water container which will save you a lot of time and minimize the chances of you making a costly mistake.
  • Child safety features give you peace of mind that even if your child manages to get to the machine while you are not paying attention there is little chance of any accidents occurring.
  • It comes in a neutral black color that will fit in without ruining the appearance pretty much everywhere.
  • Leak guard limits the amount of water that will go down on the floor or the side of the machine.
  • Thanks to the hot water setting there is no need for you to filter and then put water in the kettle as you can get hot filtered water straight from your water cooling dispenser.


  • Very big in size so it will take up a lot of space and you cannot put it on your worktop.

Final Thoughts:

The Primo Stainless Steel Water Cooler is a great option as it dispenses water very fast at the temperatures that you have chosen, furthermore, it is very simple to use and as mentioned above it comes in a neutral black color that will not stand out regardless of where you put it.

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hOmeLabs Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Made by the American company hOmeLabs which specialize in the manufacturing of a wide variety of kitchen and home appliances such as refrigerators, ice makers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and of course one of the best water cooler currently on the market.

This product is a bottom load product meaning that the water is inserted through the bottom by opening a lower flap and connecting the water tank to it, the advantage to this is that it looks much cleaner and sleeker.

Furthermore, there are a lot of other cool features such as a tray that catches the majority of liquid that may come out while you are filling up your bottle or cup. Additionally, there is an LED light that is used for nighttime so you don’t have to turn on the light in the room instead you can just walk up to your water cooler dispenser and just turn on the in-built LED light.

Another big feature is the self-clean feature which uses ultraviolet lights throughout the appliance to remove any bacteria that can potentially build up. There is also an indicator that goes from green and red and tells you if your product requires additional cleaning if the ultraviolet rays are not enough.U


  • A durable build that reduces the chances of the appliance breaking down even if it happens to topple over.
  • The self-cleaning feature can save you a lot of time and energy as well as make sure that you do not have to worry about the cleanliness of your water cooler.
  • A child safety lock feature reduces the chances of a mess being created by young children that may be in the vicinity of the water cooler.
  • The bottom loading feature means that you do not have to pick up heavy water tanks in order to load the machine every time.
  • The LED light is an amazing feature that not a lot of water coolers have which is great especially if you forget to turn on the light when walking into the room.


  • Uses bottom load for the water tank which means that it will use up more energy compared to the top-loading alternatives.

Final Thoughts:

This water cooler offers great value for money, it is very well built and has a nice appearance that makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually is. For its mid-market price it is also full of features such as a night LED light, a spill tray and also ultraviolet lights inside for effortless self-cleaning.

If you are looking for a great product and do not want to break the bank, then this might be the right product for you.

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KUPPET Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser

The KUPPET Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser is an appliance priced at the lower end of the scale, this particular water cooler is what is classed as a countertop water cooler that can be placed on top of a desk or on your kitchen work surface without any need to worry about it being too heavy for your surface to hold even when a fully filled water tank is attached.

Unsurprisingly due to its small price, it is also one of the cheapest water cooler dispensers on this review article, however it also comes with a lot of great features that even some of the more expensive alternatives don’t come with such as an anti-dust mite water barrel holder which makes sure that even if dust gather that no microscopic creatures known as due mites will be ableU to get in and contaminate the water that you are consuming.

Furthermore, with this product, you have the option between two different colors which are white and black which are both great neutral colors that will pretty much all design choices in the home or office they will be placed in.


  • A very fast solution if you are looking for hot or cold water that has been filtered.
  • It does not take a lot of space making it the perfect solution if is space is currently tight where you are living or working.
  • A simple design that makes it easy to figure out how to use.
  • A small water tank that is easy to lift up and load.
  • The KUPPET Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser does not use up a lot of energy when running.


  • Unlike a lot of the other water cooling dispensers that have a selection of three water temperatures, the KUPPET Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser only gives you the option of two.
  • It does not come with a child lock so there is a risk of a young person getting burned if they use this product.

Final Thoughts:

This water cooler dispenser is perfect for situations where there is not going to be a lot of people using it, it is very affordable and efficient and is the ideal option for people who are looking not to be wasteful with their money.

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Amay Desktop Water Cooler

The Amay Desktop Water Cooler is like the KUPPET Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser a dispenser that is specially made to be placed on a desk or a work surface. However, the big difference between the two is that the Amay Desktop Water Cooler is over $100 making it more than twice the price of the product from KUPPET.

Despite its small size, this product’s water tank is able to hold up to 5 gallons of water or 22 liters which is more than enough to last you a long time even if you are filling up multiple cups or bottles every single day.

Furthermore, this product uses electronic cooling technology that regulates the water to a normal level that makes it much more efficient to then cool down or heat up when needed which guarantees accurate temperature of the water that will not be influenced by the conditions of the outside environment for example if it is hot during the summer as well as making the entire process much faster.


  • A small water tray is in-built at the bottom that will protect the table it is placed on from getting burned if the water is hot or starting to biodegrade due to repeated exposure of water.
  • Child safety lock greatly reduces the chances of unsupervised children getting hurt around this appliance.
  • A good amount of capacity that is able to hold 5 gallons of water for such as small water cooler dispenser.
  • Energy-efficient design that will not cost you a lot of money to operate.
  • A very small product that can be stored pretty much anywhere no matter how small the room is.


  • The manufacturer recommends that the removable water tank holder needs to be cleaned regularly which can be time-consuming.
  • Much more expensive than other countertop water coolers that can do the same job.

Final Thoughts:

A countertop water cooler that comes with a lot more features than its significantly lower-priced alternatives which makes a good option for people that value the extra features that it comes with such as the child lock and the additional temperature control otherwise it may not provide great value for money for people looking for a more simple water cooler.

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Brio CL520 Commercial Grade Hot and Cold Top Load Water Dispenser

The Brio CL520 Commercial Grade Hot and Cold Water Dispenser is on the higher side of the price range, as its name suggests it is ideal for commercial use such as food outlets as well as large offices where you will have a lot of people working in one place and using the machine regularly.

If that happens to be the situation you are currently finding yourself in then this can be a good option for you and in those circumstances, it is actually quite cheap.

On this water cooler, you will have to load the water tank from the top meaning that you will have to constantly lift up heavy water tanks all the way to the top which can be very tiring if you have to do it multiple times a week or even a day in larger offices where the machines are more regularly used. However, the advantage of having the water tank at the top is that you can very easily see when the water tank will need to be refilled.

Moreover, this entire product is made out of durable high-grade plastic which makes the entire water cooler a lot lighter which is great when you have to lift up and move it around.


  • The water containers inside are made from stainless steel in order to prevent rust from building up inside.
  • A child safety lock in order to prevent accidents and damage from occurring.
  • A straightforward machine to use, that does not come with a lot of options, therefore it is easy to figure out how to use.
  • An extremely fast water cooler that provides you with water at the temperatures you have chosen with seconds.
  • Approved by the ‘Energy Star’ regulatory body which means that it is energy efficient.


  • The plastic material that this particular water cooler is made from is less durable than metal so it will on average a lot less time.
  • Only two water temperature options are available which is not great for such an expensive model considering that there are a lot of cheaper options out there that have more temperatures to choose from.

Final Thoughts:

The Brio CL520 Commercial Grade Hot and Cold Top Load Water Dispenser is a very affordable water cooler dispenser that provides good value for money if it is going to be in heavy use.

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VBENLEM 2 in 1 Water Cooler Dispenser with Built-in Ice Maker Machine

This is the most expensive on this list, the VBENLEM 2 in 1 Water Cooler Dispenser also comes with an built-in ice-making machine below the three water taps. Three water temperatures are offered on this device, the first is hot, then you have cool and finally cold making sure that all your needs are covered.

Then you have the ice maker which is able to produce an estimated 9 cubes of ice every 7 minutes or the equivalent of 12 kilograms of ice every 24 hours.

Additionally, this water cooling appliance has been specifically designed in order to be very easy to clean with large parts that are easy to remove and that have no small compartments that you cannot reach and clean.

Apart from the three water valves, which makes this appliance stand out from the rest is that it has a control panel that allows you to further customize the performance of your water cooling appliance.

The clean white color that the VBENLEM 2 in 1 Water Cooler Dispenser comes in also makes it suitable for pretty much everywhere with the machine not being eye-catching or distracting.


  • The ice-making machine is a great feature that offers extra usability and is a feature that very few water coolers out there have.
  • Ability to customize and very closely control the settings that your water cooler works on thanks to the control panel.
  • A handle is attached at the back of the VBENLEM 2 in 1 Water Cooler Dispenser that allows you to very easily pick it up and carry to wherever that you happen to need it.
  • An LED light that warns you when the dispenser needs to be cleaned and also when you need to replace the water tank.
  • You can remove the drip tray in order to clean it much more easily.


  • It comes with a hefty price tag that does not make it a good option for a lot of people out there looking for a simple water cooler.

Final Thoughts:

If you are able to afford this water dispenser it is definitely a good purchase as it offers you a top quality experience with very little hassle or problems. However, it is not great if you have very limited space or for an office as it will likely very easily break it is used by a lot of people.

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The Different Types of Water Coolers

Top-Load Water Cooler Dispensers

The load water cooler dispensers are water coolers that are loaded with the water tank from the top. The main advantage that manufacturers generally associate with this is that you can much more easily regulate how much water is left in that particular tank which is really the most advantageous if you work or live somewhere where the machine is used a lot and therefore for the water tank very quickly starts to empty out.

It is the most common design out there as it is the simplest to incorporate as it does not require any sort of suction technology or need to incase it at the top and added extra compartments.

Bottom-Load Water Cooler Dispensers

The bottom load water cooler dispenser is the complete opposite to the top load dispensers, in that the water tank is placed in the bottom below the taps that water is let out from.

The main reason why this is done is to hide the water tank and provide a more professional and luxurious look, there is no benefits to the performance of the water cooler machine and in fact, it is the vast majority of cases a lot more expensive just because of this feature. Out of the three different major types of water coolers out there, this is the rarest one due it being more of a niche choice that is based on personal preference of what looks the best.

Countertop/Desktop Water Cooler Dispensers

The countertop or desktop water cooler dispensers is not related to where the water tank is located instead it is more to do with the size of the entire water cooler dispenser and whether they will be able to fit on top of a desk or work surface without causing any damage such as dents, water damage or causing the surface is placed on to collapse.

They are generally a popular option for people who want a water cooler but do not have a lot of money or space, as it can be placed pretty much anywhere without problems as well as it is very energy efficient.

Water Cooler Buying Guide

Ease of Installation

When shopping around for a water cooler it is key that you look for one that is fairly easy to install, in all honesty, water coolers are some of the easiest appliances to install as they do not come in a lot of parts and are fairly easy to figure out.

However, there are still a lot of manufacturers out there who decide not to include an instructions manual on putting together the entire thing and they also like to include a lot of small parts that then need to be attached such as the individual taps and leak trays which can be very time consuming to put together and make work properly without any leaks or faulty electrics.

Ease of Use

Related to the ease of installation point above, it is key that the product that you are buying is very easy to use otherwise you will definitely face a lot of problems especially if you are not going to be the only one using, you will end up with family members or colleagues coming up to you for help all the time which quickly can become extremely irritating and also time-consuming.

If you are looking for ease of use you should go for water coolers that do not have a lot of buttons with the smaller cheaper ones fitting that category. Furthermore, make sure to check out the reviews for the products as often you will find that there may be intended issues with certain products.

Water Tank Capacity

The water tank capacity is also another point that you must consider, this does not necessarily mean that you have to go out and buy the best water cooler dispenser based on how big its water tank’s capacity is.

Instead, you should shop around for a water tank that fits your personal needs and situation, so if you are going to be the only one using it or live in a small location then it is best to get a smaller water cooler that also has a small water tank but if you anticipate that the dispenser that you are going to buy will be under heavy use than go for the options with much larger capacity.

Overall Size

Again overall size is another important factor that needs to be considered based on your personal circumstances, the larger the size of a water cooler does not mean the better the product. Instead, it is about what it is the best for your situation with the larger the water cooler the faster it is at dispensing the water and also the larger water tank it will have.

Furthermore, large water cooler dispensers also come with a lot of extra features such as LED lights during night time even ice makers like in the VBENLEM 2 in 1 Water Cooler Dispenser that we featured in this article.


As with all electrical appliances, there will be some maintenance involved sooner or later, this includes a lot of different things such as cleaning the trays, to deeper more professional cleanings inside the storage and filtration units, changing the filters and of course if the machine breaks down you can decide if it is worth spending money on fixing it or instead you can just buy a new one.

The only way to really figure out what water cooler dispensers require the most maintenance is to look for reviews that buyers of this particular machine have left for the seller and other interested parties.

Filtration Quality

A lot of owners of water coolers refill the water tanks with tap water rather than buying brand new water tanks from the manufacturer or third-party sellers every time in order to save a bit of money.

There is no issue with that as long as all the components of the filtration process that takes place when water goes through a water dispenser are properly working otherwise you at risk of falling ill or just not drinking water that is 100% healthy to consume.

A lot of the higher-end water coolers out there have LED lights or other methods in order to tell if a part inside the machine needs replacing otherwise if your water cooler does not have such a feature then you have to replace the filters inside every couple of months based on the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Noise Pollution

Some water coolers create a lot of noise even when they are not running, again this is a feature that you can only find out about by reading and searching for reviews about this product.

It is key to highlight that all water coolers will make a bit of noise even the most expensive ones out there, with the most common time for noise to be created to be during the time when the taps are one and the water or ice is being dispensed out of the machine, this is something you cannot change and you should not worry about a majority of machines do not make a lot of noise during the dispensing period.

However, you should look out for water dispensers that constantly make noise while on standby.

Taste of Water

The taste of the water that is released by the water cooler dispenser is one of the most important things out there that you need to consider as all of the water that is going to be dispensed will be drunk by people. Some models especially the cheaper ones may potentially contaminate the water with a plastic-like taste if the filtration and inner workings in the machine are made from plastic.

Additionally no matter how expensive your water cooler is or what the inner parts are made out of, if you keep water without drinking it in the plastic water tank there will always be a chance of the water tasting bad.

Furthermore, the taste of the water is heavily dependent on the filter, just because a filter is high quality does not guarantee a great taste as everyone has their own taste preferences.

Temperature Options

This option is again based on what you are going to be using the water cooler for, for example if you know that personally you will like the option of using a lot of different temperatures of water for a lot of different drinks that you plan on making or that the water cooler dispenser is going to be placed somewhere it is going to be used by a lot of different people that all have different preferences then it may be good to get one with a few different water temperature valves.

Generally, the most water temperatures options you get are three, with one cold, one hot and then a moderate temperature, while the most expensive water coolers out there also have ice makers.

Price & Value for Money

Finally, it is important to consider the overall price of the product and what you are actually going to be getting for paying that. It is important to be smart with your money and not just buy something for the sake of it if you are not going to be making good use of the features otherwise you are just going to be wasting your money.

However, if you are going to be buying a water cooler that is going to be used by a lot of people for whatever reason or you are living with people that want a particular feature that personally want but you don’t then this is a good reason to buy it as long as you sure that they are going to be continuously using it instead of just trying it a few times and then never using it again.


Which Is the Best Water Dispenser?

The best water dispenser is all based on your needs, but some features and characteristics that you should look out for is one that is durable, easy to use and also will not take up a lot of space in the environment that you are going to place it in.

What Is the Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser?

The best bottom loading water dispenser on this list is the hOmeLabs Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser due to it coming with a self-cleaning feature which is surprisingly rare among water coolers including the expensive ones.

The way this feature works is that it uses ultraviolet light in order to kill bacteria and other contaminants in the water and the inner parts that the water passes through.

Are Water Dispensers Safe?

Yes, water dispensers are safe as long as they are properly maintained, they need to be properly cleaned when needed to prevent the water you are going to be dispensing from them is not dirty as well as make sure to get the machine checked if there happen to be any performance problems as, after all, it is an electrical appliance.

What Is the Best 5 Gallon Water Cooler?

The best 5-gallon water cooler is the Amay Desktop Water Cooler which is a top load water cooler that is small in size and can fit pretty much anywhere on all kinds of surfaces without causing damage.

Five gallons may seem like a small capacity however this is equivalent to 29 and a bit bottles of water each full of 750 ml of water.

How Are Water Cooler Dispensers Cleaned?

Water cooler dispensers can be cleaned in a variety of ways, some dispensers have inbuilt cleaning systems that most of the time incorporate ultraviolet light in order to kill and remove contaminants in the inner workings that the water comes through.

The most effective way, however, is to take the machine apart and clean by hand if you can.


In summary, water coolers are a useful appliance that can be used in a lot of different environments such as in your home in places like your kitchen and living room with another option being to use them in an office where there is most of the time multiple people who are looking to save time and get water of their temperature preference without having to wait around a kettle or wait half an hour for water to cool down in the fridge for example.

As with pretty much all products out there, you have the cheaper options as well as the more expensive options that come with a lot more features without a doubt but the question is if those features are actually any use to you and whether they bring value.

First of all, you have the KUPPET Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser which surprisingly is the only product on this list to come in a variety of colors with this particular water cooler being available in both white and black. Furthermore, this product comes with a high-quality seal that prevents dust mites from getting inside the machine and into the water which is a fairly simple feature but also an obviously very important one.

Furthermore, this is the only product on this list that costs less than $100.

In mid-price range, you have the Primo Stainless Steel Water Cooler, the hOmeLabs Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser and the Amay Desktop Water Cooler with the latter Amay water cooler being the only countertop dispenser out of the two which some people may view as a bit overpriced for a product that at the same time costs a twice the price of the other countertop water cooler dispenser on this list but at the same time offers no extra features that offer real benefits.

On the other hand, the Primo Stainless Steel Water Cooler and the hOmeLabs Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser are both full-sized water cooler dispensers with the big difference between the two is that the Primo model is top-load while the hOmeLabs is bottom-load.

If you are looking for a more stylish and luxury looking product then the hOmeLabs Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser with its clean and professional look.

And then you have the two most expensive products, the Brio CL520 Commercial Grade Hot and Cold Top Load Water Dispense and the VBENLEM 2 in 1 Water Cooler Dispenser with Built-in Ice Maker Machine.

If you have a lot of money to spare and want to treat yourself to a top-quality experience then the VBENLEM 2 in 1 Water Cooler Dispenser is a great option for you as it is a very well made machine with a lot of top-quality features such particularly the ice-making machine. However, keep in mind that it is by far the most expensive water cooler on this product review list.

The Brio CL520 is arguably the best water cooler dispensers in terms of value for money that offers strong value for money due to it being very durable and simple to use so it is ideal for heavy use and it is not expensive at all with it being around $40 to $50 more expensive than the mid-ranged water cooler dispenses.

Overall it is all down to your personal needs and requirements, as stated multiple times throughout this article larger performance and capacity are not required if they are not going to be fully utilized instead they will just end up taking up a lot of space.