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Are you looking to raise the PH level of your drinking water but you’re not sure which water ionizer will be the best one to do that?

Worry not because we did our research and today, we’re going to dwell on what water ionizers are, how they raise the PH level of your water, should you buy one, and why.

We will take an in-depth look at the benefits of alkaline ionized water. 

We’ll also examine some of the leading brands that offer affordable water ionizers that not only help your body but keep you within your budget as well. Head down over and discover the ins and outs of the best water Ionizers!

Editor's Choice
Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
Runner Up
Real Spirit Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Ionizer
Best Value
Real Spirit Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Ionizer
Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 | Water Ionizer | Alkaline Water Filtration System | Produces pH 4.5-11.0 | Up to -800mV ORP | 4000 Liters Per Filter | 7 Water Settings
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 | Water Ionizer | 7 Water Settings | Home Alkaline Water Filtration System | Produces pH 4.5-10.5 Alkaline Water | Up to -600mV ORP | 4000 Liters Per Filter
PH Range
2 to 12
4 to 11
5.0 to 11
Antioxidant Potential
-800 to +600 ORP.
-800 to +1000 ORP
-600 to +600 ORP
Filter Lifespan
1,320 gallons
1,585 gallons
1,585 gallons
Lifetime Warranty
Editor's Choice
Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
PH Range
2 to 12
Antioxidant Potential
-800 to +600 ORP.
Filter Lifespan
1,320 gallons
Lifetime Warranty
Runner Up
Real Spirit Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Ionizer
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 | Water Ionizer | Alkaline Water Filtration System | Produces pH 4.5-11.0 | Up to -800mV ORP | 4000 Liters Per Filter | 7 Water Settings
PH Range
4 to 11
Antioxidant Potential
-800 to +1000 ORP
Filter Lifespan
1,585 gallons
Best Value
Real Spirit Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Ionizer
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 | Water Ionizer | 7 Water Settings | Home Alkaline Water Filtration System | Produces pH 4.5-10.5 Alkaline Water | Up to -600mV ORP | 4000 Liters Per Filter
PH Range
5.0 to 11
Antioxidant Potential
-600 to +600 ORP
Filter Lifespan
1,585 gallons

What Is Ionized Water?

In simplest terms, ionized water is the water that has been passed through a water ionizer machine to enhance its inherent properties. The ionizer machine features titanium and platinum plates which exchange some of their ions with the water.

What is the result of our ionized alkaline water? The result is water whose pH level is more alkaline for your body. At the same time, it’s worth noting that, through this process, our water is also purified and life-giving to you.

Ionized water is a form of water that there are no more dissolved gases left in it. It is alkaline in nature, and that’s why it could be referred to as artificially alkaline water. Moreover, ionized water is also referred to as electrolyzed reduced water.

Difference Between Ionized vs. Regular Water

The water produced by an ionizer can differ from tap water in a few key ways. 

First, it has an alkaline pH which can combat acid and somewhat neutralize acids present in special situations. 

Alkaline water can also help reduce oxidation, widely thought to be harmful in many applications, and it contains an assortment of valuable antioxidants.

Alkaline water consists of water that’s been ionized, and it has a more refreshing and sweeter taste than regular tap water. Normal tap water is balanced with acidic and alkaline elements so that the substance is neutral. This can affect the overall flavor and how refreshing it is.

The best water ionizers may also come with filters that remove other impurities from tap water before the ionization process. 

This can result in water that tastes even better than the tap water that enters the machine.

What are water ionizers and what do they do?

The best water ionizing machines increase the alkalinity of water by altering its pH. Water that has traveled through an ionizer machine is known as ionized water. 

A standard alkaline water machine contains metal plates, usually titanium and platinum. These use the process of electrolysis to divide up the key ions in the water, resulting in a water with a more alkaline pH level.

So why do people prefer ionized water? Actually, it’s more than just a case of personal preference. 

Ionic is said to reduce the impact of oxidation on the body and is also thought to provide essential nutrients for hydration and detoxification. 

We’ll cover the benefits of ionized water in more depth later on in this guide.

Benefits of Drinking Ionized Water

Proponents of alkaline water state there are several health-related benefits to drinking ionized water, including helping with acid reflux. 

Not all of these claims have scientific backing. 

However, there are a few studies that have found alkaline water useful in particular situations.

Ionized water can improve viral and bacterial load in the body. 

Other studies have found benefits in whole blood viscosity when compared to tap water consumption after a workout which can impact the delivery of oxygen in the body.

Other proposed health benefits include:

  • Immune support
  • Weight loss 
  • Anti-aging 
  • Starvation of cancer cells

Ionized water is also known to boost the overall functioning of your body’s internal systems. It promotes healthy colon function and can aid in flushing out harmful toxins that affect overall health.

Other touted benefits include higher energy levels, better digestion, a reduction in bone loss, and an overall reduction of acid in your bloodstream. 

Some individuals also claim that alkaline water has the power to improve their metabolism.

How to Choose an Alkaline Ionized Water Machine

Not all alkaline water machines have the same properties and efficiency. Here are some key features you should look for in an alkaline water machine:

  • Placement

Alkaline Water Machines can be attached to your water supply under the counter, on the countertop, or either. Depending on how much room you have available, check out the dimensions, and see where the machine will fit best for you.

  • Plates

The plates inside the ionizer machine are what alkalize your water for drinking. The plates can be solid, mesh, grid, or slot, depending on the manufacturer. 

When looking at the plates: you want to see how many there are.

This is important because the more plates there are, the more efficient the machine.

  • UV light

The alkaline water machine that has ultraviolet lights built-into, can help keep viruses and bacteria from your water supply. This effectively disinfects your water.

  • Ph Level

The pH level of your water indicates how alkaline or acidic is the water. The pH scale ranges from 0-14, with 7 being neutral. 

Anything over 7 is alkaline. Below 7 is acidic.

  • Oxidation

The water filter’s ORP potential is a measurement you will see quoted by manufacturers of alkaline water machines. 

It describes the amount of electron charge in the water, and it’s measured in millivolts (mv). 

The ORP potential for alkaline water machines is expressed as a negative number.

Some schools of thought believe that the greater the ORP, the greater potential it has for anti-oxidation. It’s fair to say here that this benefit should work for all alkaline water machines and not just one brand.

  • Filters

As well as their ionizing ability, these machines also have filters to remove impurities from faucet water. Check out the expected lifespan and replacement costs for the filters.

  • Installation

Many countertop units are quick and easy to install, while under-the-counter options take a little more time and effort. 

So whether you’re limited on space, or just want the quickest installation option, our range of water dispensers have a solution for you. 

They also come in three different sizes.

  • Warranty

An alkaline ionized water machine is an investment — they’re more expensive than some other forms of alkaline water filters. 

They come with lifetime warranties and some shorter ones. 

Factoring in this information before purchasing your unit will help save money on costly repairs outside of the warranty.

The Best Water Ionizer Machines Of 2021

Below are some great alkaline ionized water machines with reviews about the product itself.

Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Best Water Ionizer: Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Design

Features: Medical Grade Plates, Dual Filtration, Safe Plastic Components



Bawell’s platinum alkaline water ionizer machine is countertop only. It’s quick and easy to install with all necessary parts included and no tools required. 

It’s suitable for newer pull-out style faucets and more traditional ones.

The Bawell Platinum Ionizer has a touch screen LCD to control the type of water you want. 

It is capable of producing weak to strong alkaline water and weak to strong acidic water, within a pH range of 3 through to 11.5, although the manufacturer advises it’s capable of 2 through to 12.

There are five power settings, which allow you to set up to 35 different presets in the machine. 

The ORP ranges are between +600 and -800. The display panel will indicate the ratings of your water at any one time.

Medical Grade Plates

The Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine is equipped with titanium and platinum-coated series of plates. 

There are seven in total offering 144 inches of surface area. This means more efficient processing of our alkaline water and tastier, healthier drinks.

Safe Plastic Components

Bawell platinum alkaline water ionizer machine is made up of plastic components, all of which are BPA-free and FDA-approved as food grade. 

Another safety aspect of this machine is it self-cleans at startup and shut down. This can help prevent build-up and contamination.

Dual Filtration

Bawell Platinum water ionizer system includes two filters to help remove impurities from your water. 

The lifespan of the filters is about 5,000 liters or 1,320 gallons. 

A voice prompt on the system will automatically tell you when the filters are due to be changed.

The Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine gives you pH 9.5 water for cooking, drinking, washing, and gardening.


 Real Spirit Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Ionizer

Best Water Ionizer: Real Spirit Aqua Ionizer Design

Features: Active Carbon Filter, Easy To Change Settings, Electroplate Technology


This alkaline water ionizer from Real Spirit will suit you if you’re working on a budget. It gives you seven options of purified water to choose from. 

These include alkaline water for drinking, brewing tea and coffee, and acidic water for beauty use and cleaning.

This countertop design has four different alkaline settings up to a maximum pH of 11, a neutral level with a pH of 7, and two acidic options down to a pH of 5. 

The ORP range for this machine is +600 to -600. 

It’s self-cleaning after every use.

Active Carbon Filter

This water ionizer utilizes an active charcoal carbon filter. 

This can help remove organic compounds from water and improve the bad flavors and odors of regular tap water. 

Your filtered water will also have fewer impurities which result in a better taste. 

The life expectancy of the filter before it needs replacing is 1,585 gallons which are about 6,000 liters.

Easy to Change Settings

The Real Spirit Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Ionizer comes with seven push buttons. These allow you to choose the type of water you want. 

After selecting, turn on your faucet and wait for your water to be delivered.

Electroplate Technology

The company doesn’t tell us how many plates are in this machine, but they do tell us they are platinum-coated titanium. 

This should mean they’re durable and efficient in ionizing your water to make it alkaline.


 Real Spirit Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Ionizer

Best Water Ionizer: Real Spirit Aqua Ionizer Design

Features: 7 water options, 7 electrolysis plates, bright LCD, Three stage cleaning.


These water ionizers are the best machines that money can buy. One way to ensure your water is the best it can be is by keeping your machine clean. 

This machine reverses the polarity of its plates after every use and goes through self-cleaning after 10.5 gallons of water have gone through it.

The filters in the machine are active carbon and help remove impurities. 

These include trihalomethane, benzene, radon, pesticides, and other harmful particles found in your tap water under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

The Real Spirit Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Ionizer features a flow rate of 2 GPM at 120 psi. 

It uses UV and platinum electrodes to eliminate calcium, magnesium, dirt, and sediment from the water.

The expected life of the filter is one year or 1,585 gallons/6,000 liters. The countdown in the LCD will indicate the amount of water the machine has ionized. 

This means you can keep a check on it and change the filters when required.

Seven Water Options

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe is a 7.0 ionizer that is easy to use and offers seven different presets, making it easy to select the alkalinity or acidity of the water you want. The pH ranges are from 7 to 11 and -800 ORP.

Seven Electrolysis Plates

The Summer Healthy Deluxe 7.0 Water Ionizer adds both alkaline and acidic hydroxides into the drinking water, processing water in six layers with seven platinum-coated titanium plates.

Bright LCD

This unit is backlit and bright, making the color LCD screen easier to read. 

It also displays seven different colors, depending on the type of water you select. 

This is a great feature for those that prefer a visual style. A voice warning also tells you when you have chosen acidic water and when your filter needs replacing.

Three-Stage Cleaning

This product uses a three-stage cleaning cycle. 

It self-cleans at start-up and shut-down, and can automatically switch the polarity of the plates to clean for 10 seconds after 15 minutes of continuous use. 

A cleaning agent is provided with a machine that can be manually used for cleaning after a year of use. 

These three things combined help keep the water fresh and your machine free from contaminants.


Life Water Ionizer Next Generation M11 Ionizer

Best Water Ionizer: Next Generation M11 Ionizer Design

Features: Good Grid Style Plates, Custom Filters, Easy To Use, Lifetime Warranty.


Next Generation M11 Ionizer Water Machine by Life Water is an excellent alkaline water machine that can be placed on your countertop. 

Its slimline look makes it a great option if counter space is at a premium.

The sleek black and graphite design, with an LCD on the front and buttons along the top, won’t look out of place in your kitchen. 

The display shows you the level you have chosen and whether this is alkaline or acidic. It’s also large enough to be seen easily anywhere in the house.

The silver-colored water hose matches the design of the unit, which has a modern, stylish appearance. 

This is because the water is ionized with not only positive ions but also negative ions. It also contains essential nutrients that your body needs.

Good Grid Style Plates

The Ionizer M11 Series is one of the most powerful water ionizers on the market. The machine uses 11 electroplates to give you ionized water quickly and easily. 

The machine also has a grid design that gives maximum surface area with optimal efficiency. This ensures you get high pH water immediately when you turn it on.

Customized Filters

Life Water Ionizer Next Generation M11 Ionizer, this is why Life Water is the best ionizer in the market. It will configure your machine for optimum efficiency depending on your water. 

It checks water quality reports for the area where you live to filter the toxins that might be in your faucet water.

This unit is very easy to use. 

All you need to do is turn the bottle, and place it in the slot. The filters have also been located at the top of the unit, giving you easy access to change them. 

No tools are needed to complete this process. As well as filters, this machine has a UV light that can help remove bacteria and viruses from water as well.

Lifetime Warranty

The warranty on parts and labor for this machine is for life. 

The conditions are changing the filters at the necessary intervals and using only authorized parts and filters.


Tyent Rettin MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme Ionizer

Best Water Ionizer: Tyent Rettin MMP-9090 Turbo Design

Features: Multiple Settings, Added Filters, Lifetime Warranty.


The Tyent Rettin MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme Ionizer is made from stainless steel, so it’s durable. 

The black surround and smaller LCD touch-screen display along the front make it aesthetically pleasing.

The Tyent Rettin MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme Ionizer has nine medical-grade mesh plates inside the machine. 

They’re made from titanium which is strengthened by dipping them in platinum. The aim of this is to make the unit last longer and produce more hydrogen.

Multiple Settings

The Tyent Rettin MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme Ionizer produces up to 2,600 liters of mineral water per day. 

It is equipped with the patented SMPS Plus technology which allows you to choose from 55 settings for your water. 

It can adjust the amount of power in the machine and also adjusts itself according to the different types of water.

The Tyent Rettin MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme Ionizer range of water ionizers will provide you with a plethora of different options, including three phases of alkaline water, two phases of acidic water, and pure water. 

The settings display the pH level on the screen with seven different color indicators to indicate which water you’ve chosen. 

Voice activation communicates with you when the machine is self-cleaning and an indicator on the display tells you when it needs a filter changed.

Additional Filters

The Tyent Rettin MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme Ionizer features two additional filters to remove impurities from your alkaline water. 

However, it’s not clear how often the filter needs replacing.


In addition to a lifetime warranty, Tyent offers a 75-day trial period. 

This means you can test out this machine and see if it’s the one for you, safe in the knowledge that you can return it if it doesn’t work.


Cosan Pure Hydration NEXT GENERATION Ionizer

Best Water Ionizer: Cosan Pure Hydration NEXT GENERATION Design

Features: Wireless, Easy Access To Filters, Infrared Sensor.


TheCosan Pure Hydration NEXT GENERATION Ionizer was built with the new user in mind. It uses a four-stage filtration system rather than electricity to cleanse and ionize your water. Here are the steps it takes to ionize your water.

Step 1: First the water passes through activated carbon from coconuts, and removes sediment, odor, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds. The water is then electrolyzed with an ionizer to produce H2/OR H2+.

Step 2: The second stage filter is a solid activated carbon block designed to remove smaller particles of contaminants from the water. This ensures pure hydration.

Step 3:The third stage is another solid activated carbon block infused with magnesium. The magnesium reacts with water to produce molecular hydrogen, which ionizes the water, making it alkaline and antioxidant.

Step 4: The final filter is made from spun polypropylene fibers to reduce some of the remaining contaminants and deliver a fresher feeling.

COSAN Pure Hydration NEXT GENERATION Ionizer All these filters need to be replaced every six months, except the one at stage three, which is every three months.

A battery-operated LED light bar alerts you to normal operation, a 30-day filter change alert, and both 90-day and 180-day filter change alerts.

No Wires

Pure Hydration Next Generation Ionizer gives you more energy and supports detoxification. It doesn’t require an electricity supply. 

This machine comes supplied for connection to the wall, but you can get adapters to attach to the kitchen sink for a more stealth installation.

Easy Access to Filters

COSAN Pure Hydration NEXT GENERATION Ionizer is an advanced water purifier. It can be opened on either side to gain access to the filters, making it easy to change them.

Infrared Sensor

Keeping your machine germ-free is easy with the touchless sensor on the front. You wave your hand close to it to turn the flow of water on and off. 

And with a Cosan Pure Hydration NEXT GENERATION Ionizer, water is clean and nutritionally enhanced.


Choose The Best Water Ionizer For You

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to get your daily dose of water or you’re a raw foodist who wants the freshest water possible, alkaline ionizer water machines are some of the best ways to enjoy all-natural, chemical-free water. 

With a large range of models available, you’ll find one that fits your needs perfectly.

The Iyashi Water Ionizer allows you to change the alkaline ion output, which is perfect for drinking and cooking. 

However, if you want to use it for cleansing or beauty use, such as washing your hair or face, then all machines will give you acidic water.

While drinking water is always beneficial to our health, there’s no proof that alkaline water specifically offers any extra benefits. 

That being said, if you usually revert to bottled water because you don’t like the taste of your tap water, one of these machines could save you money in the long run as compared to buying bottled.