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Noticed a change in your water softness recently? It’s not because of your water softener, but because of the water softener resin, which probably should be changed as soon as possible.

Resins are crucial when it comes to softening water, and unfortunately, they don’t last long.

This happens partly because our water has become so hard and full of minerals that it is almost impossible for resins to last longer than we expect them to.

No worries, because we’ve done research on the topic and found out which water softener resins are worth the money, patience, and hassle. Check out our guide below.

Best Water Softener Resin Products Review

Best Value
Water Softening Resin Softener Media 100% Ion Exchange Replacement - 1 CuFt Bag
Runner Up
ABCwaters SOFRES1 Water softening resin 1 cu. ft. bag replacement softener resin
Editor's Choice
Purolite PUROLITE-C100E C-100-E Cation Exchange Resin, Single Unit, Red
Water Softening Resin Softener Media 100% Ion Exchange Replacement - 1 CuFt Bag
ABCwaters SOFRES1 Water softening resin 1 cu. ft. bag replacement softener resin
Purolite PUROLITE-C100E C-100-E Cation Exchange Resin, Single Unit, Red
1 cu. ft.
1 cu. ft.
1 cu. ft.
50 lbs
50 lbs
50 lbs
Best Value
Water Softening Resin Softener Media 100% Ion Exchange Replacement - 1 CuFt Bag
Water Softening Resin Softener Media 100% Ion Exchange Replacement - 1 CuFt Bag
1 cu. ft.
50 lbs
Runner Up
ABCwaters SOFRES1 Water softening resin 1 cu. ft. bag replacement softener resin
ABCwaters SOFRES1 Water softening resin 1 cu. ft. bag replacement softener resin
1 cu. ft.
50 lbs
Editor's Choice
Purolite PUROLITE-C100E C-100-E Cation Exchange Resin, Single Unit, Red
Purolite PUROLITE-C100E C-100-E Cation Exchange Resin, Single Unit, Red
1 cu. ft.
50 lbs

Aquatrol Water Softener Resin Softener Media


  • One cubic foot
  • Fifty pounds of weight
  • Strong acid cation sodium exchange type of resin
  • Eight percent crosslink
  • Polystyrene divinylbenzene (DVB) materials

This is a premium quality resin brought by Aquatrol. 

It contains an eight percent crosslink of divinylbenzene and polystyrene.

You may use it to treat food for further consumption because the FDA approves it for such purposes. After your water undergoes a softening process, it will still be drinkable and usable for preparing food.


  • Excellent quality
  • Approved by FDA
  • Easy pour discharge
  • Mechanical strength and high exchange rate


  • It may not be suitable for commercial systems

According to the reviews, this one will suit any residential softener. Anyway, it will be best if you consult the manufacturer’s specifications of your cleaning system.



AFWFilters SOFRES1 Water Softener Resin


  • One cubic foot of package
  • Fifty pounds weight
  • Acid cation sodium exchange strong resin type
  • Eight-percent crosslink
  • Crosslink 8%
  • Styrene divinylbenzene copolymer material

The Water Quality Association has issued a seal of approval for use in the USA for this resin. 

This means it has passed certain tests after coming from India. 

For products imported for use with water softeners and other water quality materials, testing with WQA standards is a must.

To remove calcium and magnesium from your water, you have the divinylbenzene and polystyrene beads. 

The product may come in smaller bags with a combined volume of one cubic foot, as the company advises. Yet, the standard package is one cubic foot.


  • Tested according to WQA
  • Crosslink resin of eight percent
  • Large package
  • Strong acid cation blend


  • You may feel a plastic taste of the water

Some people may notice a strange flavour of the water after making a replacement, which is a downside of this product. Plasticity in the flavor is what most of them describe.



Purolite C100E Resin for Water Softener


  • One of the most widespread waters softening resins
  • Food Safe Premium Grade High-purity beads
  • Tested with FDA standards to treat human consumption water
  • Solid package

It is ideal for you and the entire household, even if you are taking water from private wells. Aside from the problems caused by hard water, wells have high iron content. 

Red iron rust stains will also bring you problems. 

The Purolite 100CE Resin Cationic is an excellent replacement for water softener gear.

The design of the Purolite water softener resin has the harshest possible conditions in consideration. 

It will address any issues rooted from hard water. Your family will enjoy higher water quality after all.

You will be able to use your water for both cooking and drinking. The problems you have with high iron levels will go away. You’ll capitalize on the product’s ability to remove your water aftertaste. 

It will also solve the adverse effects of hard water in your water fixtures and plumbing.

A big discouragement in consuming well water is the metallic taste of iron. You can begin meeting the daily water needs by removing it and will benefit your health as well.


  • Makes the water safe for cooking and consuming
  • Removes iron well
  • Leaves the water without an aftertaste
  • Fits all water softener systems well
  • Approved by FDA


  • The water source may affect the longevity

This resin bed cleaner works well with many other types of water softener systems available on the market. 

They are a brand that surpasses the relevant EEC standards and are in strict compliance with FDA ordinance. The color of this standard ion exchange resin is amber or clear.

There is one thing worth considering and it concerns the quality of your water which is going to impact the longevity of your resin. 

It means that you will need replacements more often if you have a poorer water supply quality. Yet, this resin is excellent for many water softeners. 

Due to its US production, you may expect a higher standard of quality.



Tier1 IER-100 Ion Exchange Water Softener Resin


  • 0.88 cubic feet volume
  • 53 pounds weight
  • Strong acid cation sodium exchange resin
  • Not specified crosslink

We aren’t told what the crosslink is, while we’re advised this is a premium quality resin. The polystyrene gel beads are acid sodium cations of strong consistency. 

This is why they are good for commercial and household water softening mechanisms.

The limescale buildup in your plumbing will stop forming and the life of appliances like dishwashers will extend a lot. 

The resin life is under unconditional guarantee as the producer has very high confidence in its quality.


  • Strong acid sodium cations
  • Resin of high quality
  • Unlimited guarantee
  • Polystyrene Gel Materials


  • Be careful to make sure you get enough as their bags are smaller than usual

When we compare them to bags of other producers, these ones seem to be smaller. Each of them are 0.88 cubic feet in volume weighing 25 liters in total.



iFilters Water Softener Resin Media Replacement


  • Ideal for portable water softeners with 0.25 cubic foot
  • A capacity of 8 thousand grains
  • Replacement resin of high-quality
  • Treatment of food for human consumption is NFC-certified 
  • Uniform particle with excellent hydraulic characteristics and high mechanical strength

The high cost is one of the main reasons why people may have second thoughts when it comes to investing in resin. 

Thanks to iFilters, economic folks can now spare more while enjoying the same benefits of better water quality.

Your old resin bed will find its replacement in this economic package of resin gear. 

You will have the ability to help your water softener and make it function at its very best in the future. 

The design is such to reach 100% of ion exchange. 

Without causing any problems to your water softener system, your hard water will soften.

There is an NFC certificate for the iFilters Water Softener Resin. 

You will have the assurance and confidence that your water won’t contain any toxic components with this certificate.  

The capacity of this resin is 8 thousand grains. In residential homes where the demand and spending of soft water are reasonable and attainable, this is an ideal solution.


  • Excellent performance in household use
  • Certified by NFC
  • Economic
  • Complete ion-exchange
  • It fits well with most softener systems installed in households


  • It may not be the best solution for big households

This model is also compatible with portable systems like those in Rvs so you are not limited to your home’s water softener. 

You can stop worrying about hard water and its bad effects on you wherever you are. Your plumbing and pipes won’t need any fixtures.

The quantity is not enough for households with many members which is a disadvantage of the iFilters resin media replacement

What makes the water softener resin perfect for your needs is its cost-efficiency and ease of use. 

For those working on a budget but still wanting the best quality for resins, this may be the ultimate choice.




Watts A4004033B RV Pro 1000 Resin


  • Premium exchange resin of ⅓ cubic feet bag
  • FloMatic M7002 Flow-Pur RV Pro replacement
  • US product
  • One year of full warranty
  • It takes the minerals salts out and softens the water

It transforms your hard water into a better, softer one, and brings all the benefits that come with it. 

This replacement water softener resin does an extravagant job. The days when you had to settle with the consequences of hard water are gone.

You can enjoy many advantages of soft water by using this product. For residential users with a small household, this may be an ideal solution. 

After going through your water softener system, you can immediately feel and taste the water’s change. 

The total texture and taste of the water will be much better.

The price of the Watts RV Pro replacement water softener resin is the most significant factor why it gets the buy-in of shoppers. 

You won’t see an issue in having them changed every nine months since the price is quite affordable.

This will ensure the excellent performance of your water softener. You’ll be happy with it because of its reasonable price which won’t affect the excellent results at all. It is also produced in the United States.


  • Economic price
  • Consistent with the output and durable
  • The quality of your water will improve
  • Superb quality resin beads
  • Immediate change in quality


  • Not the best package

The packaging would be a significant improvement that the Watts company can do with this model. 

It is not adapted for use at all. 

To put as much resin as possible into your cartridge without wasting it, you will need to use a funnel.

You will have to be careful with using it and expect some spilling. If you don’t do it, most will end up on the floor instead of your container. 

Budget-oriented users will be happy and satisfied with this product. 

Yet, it will remain one of the finest resins you can find around.



LiquaGen Ion-Exchange Resin Cation


  • Ten-percent cross-linking exchange resin
  • Exchange resin of premium cation
  • Design for treating water for preparing food and beverages
  • Thermotolerant characteristics and good selectivity
  • Extraordinary chemical and physical stability

If you are battling with the destructive effects of hard water in your household, the Liquagen resin is a top recommendation for you. 

If you have hard water in your household then the limescale buildup comes quite normal. 

Because of the repair and replacements it causes, it will cause extra expenses all the time.

Thanks to the LiquaGen Water Softening Ion Exchange Resin, you can put an end to these problems forever. 

The advantage of the product is the 10 percent cross-linked resin which outwits the competition. When talking about the removal of iron molecules from the water, it is a quite better agent.

As you use it through time, those constant red iron stains will stop appearing. High water quality will become a part of life in your household.

The featured loading funnel is another positive side of this black soft ion exchange resin. 

You can replace the resin from your mineral tank with ease without the need to buy a separate one.

It will be of great help and improve the service of your resin. 

There will be less waste and spill because the funnel can help direct the formula into your water softener.


  • Comes with a funnel
  • Efficient physical and chemical stability
  • Can remove iron
  • Higher cross-linked resin
  • Extended life expectancy


  • Expensive in comparison to other products

The chemical stability of this unique formula makes it useful. The bead form and stable action lead to extraordinary competence. 

It is the sophistication that makes it better than its counterparts.

Your mind should be at peace as your water is safe. 

Moreover, drink and food beverages were in the mind of the designers of LiquaGen.

The chemical stability of this unique formula makes it very useful. 

The bead form and its stable action lead to extraordinary competence. It is the sophistication that makes it better than its counterparts.




How Long Can I Use The Water Softener Resin?

The resin can last around twenty years according to some optimist sources. 

The water that comes to your household is another influential factor. Yet, you might expect half of this period to be your optimal time.

When Should I Put a New Water Softener Resin?

To have a resin that doesn’t need frequent replacement may be an important characteristic of a good water softening system. 

Yet, you should know that the regenerating cycle of your unit will affect its durability.

The replacement comes after many years of constant use. 

If your water supply comes from well water it is normal for it to contain all kinds of minerals, both toxic or useful.

Can You Clean a Water Softener Resin?

The only obligation you have with the softener resin is to clear it on a regular basis. 

The amount of resin to use stands on the packaging instructions. When you aim to do some more specific things, refer to the water softener manual.

How Does A Water Softener Work?

Trading them for sodium, which is a softening mineral, water softeners try to remove hard ones such as calcium and magnesium. 

This is one of the most common methods of softening known as ionization. The resin beads are the hard water ions to which hard water adheres. 

To maintain balance in the water, sodium ions release in it. 

What allows this ion exchange to happen is the resin media. 

It attracts opposite-charged negative ions by acting like a cation (positive-charged).

As time goes by, hard water minerals saturate the beads. 

A regeneration (cleansing) of the system follows when this happens. Through the softener tank, passes water coming from the brine tank and is rich in sodium. 

While the resin recharges with sodium ions, calcium and magnesium ions get back into the water and go away. 

Your mechanism is now ready to work in the same manner as before.

When Does My Water Softener Resin Need Replacing?

Ten years is the lasting time of the water softener resin. 

Depending on the quality of your municipal water supply or if your water comes from a well, this can vary.

What can reduce the lifespan of the resin is the high chlorine content in some municipal water supplies. 

What can further degenerate resin is the high iron content and sand particles in your well water.

When your water is not soft anymore may be the first sign that your resin might need replacing. 

What may happen is that your soap won’t perform as well as you’re used to or you might notice hard water stains on your glassware.

The water coming through will remain hard despite cleaning your brine tank, changing the salt, and regenerating the system. 

The reason for this happening may be the end of the effectiveness of your resin.

A sudden interruption in the high pressure of your water flow can be some of the causes of ineffective resin. 

It can be the reason for resin beads to smash against the sides of softener tanks. Beads can crack or break because of this.

What can cause swelling of the beads to a larger size is the loss of strength of the resin due to chlorine sedimentation. 

Beads can crack or break as there’s limited room in the tank for them.

As they draw in minerals and then release them again, the beads are getting larger and smaller. 

This process leads to rupture over the course of time.

The volume in the tank will drop as a result of the beads getting damaged or cracked. 

When the tank gets regenerated, the bits can fall off and get washed away. 

Your water won’t be soft as it used to due to the lasting effect of this area for ion exchange that takes place.

Your tank undergoes regeneration by leaving behind iron oxide with the reaction of iron and oxygen. The cleaning salt builds up on the resin beads instead of cleaning up the resin. 

The performance of our system won’t get better, and the availability of the area for ion exchange will drop.

When Should You Replace Your Resin? 

You are cleaning out your brine tank after checking the salt in it. 

Your water softener is churning out hard water although you’ve regenerated your system as well. You may use some better water softener resin to replace the old one in your brine tank.

It is a task you can complete on your own by following the directions of your manufacturer. 

You won’t have to call a professional and you’ll save some money.

We are bringing you details about domestic water softener systems some of which may also be good for commercial use. 

Once in ten years is the advice for change that many manufacturers recommend. 

Yet, be ready to make changes to your resin whenever it is necessary by keeping a close eye on it.

Final Verdict

As it is quite obvious, the features of the softener resins are pretty straightforward. 

They will depend on your willingness to spend on more dependent products or your dedication to contribute to your budget. 

Our advice is to try the dependent ones for frequent, and more budget-oriented offers if you use the water less often.

If you’re looking to get a brand new water softener, check our guide on the best water softener on the market.