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Tired of throwing money away on new home appliances often because they just stop working? Do your clothes get destroyed while washing and dishes are always full of stains no matter how much you clean them? Your answer is probably yes and you already found the solution – buying a water softener. The Clack Water Softener might not ring a bell, but it definitely rings when cleaning our hard water

Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, which causes stains and leaves behind a residue. This buildup can wreak havoc on anything it comes in contact with. A good water softener can help you increase the quality of water in your home and preserve your appliances, clothes, and even your skin. However, before choosing the right water softener for you, there are some things worth considering. Here is the Clack water softener review.

Things to consider before buying a water softener

Level of water hardness

You already know your home has hard water. But how hard is it? It’s important to determine the level of hardness in order to choose the right water softener for the job. You can find out using a few methods.

You probably have an idea what is the level of hardness in your area and if not, every municipality keeps records with information. However, this is not a full-proof method because it’s not entirely reliable. Hardness levels can vary and you need to be sure before investing in a softener.

The second method is purchasing a testing kit, called a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter. This device can help you get a better idea of the quality of water in your household more accurately. It measures hardness in ppm (parts per million) or mg/L. Comparing the results you get to official hardness tables can determine how hard your water is.

The most accurate method of all three is taking a sample to be tested in a professional lab. This gives you complete information on the number of minerals in your water, and also which minerals are present so you can choose a water softener that battles them specifically. This information is essential and it will help you make the right choice.


Another thing you need to look out for is the capacity of the water softener you’re buying. You need to factor in your daily usage or, in other words, exactly how much water your household uses in a day. This is important because you need a water softener that can process that amount so you always have quality water available.

Also, consider the time between regenerations. Why is this essential? More regeneration means more water wastage. You are already making a huge investment with the water softener, so extra water bills are not something you need. 

To calculate the needed capacity, multiply the number of people in your home with 80 gallons ( the average person’s daily usage ), the hardness level, and the days between regenerations.


Deciding on your budget can save you a lot of time when looking for a water softener because it narrows your options. There are a lot of different water softeners available on the market right now and some of them are very expensive. 

Prices can vary from $500 to $2500 plus maintenance costs, so you see why it would be crucial to know your budget. Interested to know which water softeners are the best on the market? Check out this link.

Clack Water Softener: The Review

clack water softener

You’ve factored in all the key points and the Clack water softener has come up as one of the possible choices for your home. Let’s get to know this product better.

Produced in 1946, the Clack water softener was designed to fight hard water problems long before they reach your plumbing. It stops the mineral buildup on your utensils and pipes.

It uses a carefully designed valve that covers residential, commercial, and industrial use. Also, it is very cost-efficient and can reduce your water bills by up to 10%.


  • Efficient
  • Easy control
  • Programmable


  • Expensive
  • Hard to find parts

Features & benefits

How does the Clack water softener work?

This water softener doesn’t actually soften the water, it just stops minerals from attaching to your pipes. This means the water is still hard, but your appliances, clothes, and dishes don’t pay the price.

When you start using this water softener, you will start to notice that mineral deposits are disappearing. Your appliances will last longer and your clothes won’t be ruined.

So what are the key features that the Clack offers?


Thanks to the special valve technology this water softener uses, it’s known as one of the most efficient on the market. It reduces water wastage to a minimum, which affects your water bills and lowers them greatly.

Ease of use

Using the Clack water softener is very easy. Once you set it up, the valve will start doing its job, regulating each filtration on its own. It offers nine different injector sizes, which means it can manage nearly any softening job that you need.

The control systems are known for their simplicity, which makes them easy to use by everyone. It also comes with a maintenance manual and you can always contact customer support if there is something you need help with. 

Assembly time

Apart from being simple to use, the Clack water softener is very easy to install. You can do it yourself or you can call a professional. Have in mind that using professionals can cost extra, but the benefit is that you will have your water softener up and running in 2-3 hours.

Another benefit from calling a plumber is that he can check for potential leaks in the systems which saves you from future problems and increased water bills. If you do choose to install it yourself, you can easily do it using the instructions provided when you purchase it. As I mentioned before, telephone support is always available to you if you encounter any issues during installation.


The Clack softener comes with instructions for installation and future use, but the great thing about this manufacturer is that they publish most of their product manuals online so you have easy access to anything you need. Even if you lose your written manual, you can always find one in a matter of seconds. The manual explains all elements of operation and also includes tips for possible problems you can encounter along the way.


The Clack comes with a 5-year warranty, which shows how confident the manufacturer is about its product. If you take into consideration that this water softener is salt-based and requires quite a bit of maintenance, a 5-year warranty sounds very good and reassuring. The special valves are expensive and this warranty speaks for their quality.

Social Proof

I’ve researched the internet for customer testimonials and I can tell you that people who already own the Clack water softener have very positive things to say about it. Actual testimonials are a bit difficult to find online, as are Clack water softeners, so it’s safe to assume that consumers are people who already liked the company beforehand. Nevertheless, reviews are off the charts, and most of them praise customer support, saying that they are always available to you for any problem you may have.


Although Clack water softeners are one of the best available on the market, they are very expensive which can be a problem for some customers. If your budget is tight and you still want to have a good water softener in your household, check these out:

SpringWell FutureSoft

Clack Water Softener: SpringWell FutureSoft Design

A stainless steel system that prevents 99.9% of scale buildup. This system is salt-free and instead uses a crystallization process that doesn’t remove minerals, but instead turns them into crystals that don’t attach to surfaces.

Filtersmart Salt-Free Softener

Clack Water Softener Review: Filtersmart Salt-Free Softener

This water softener combines water filtration and softening to give you clear, contaminant-free water for your household. It’s also a saltless system which means no water waste and very low maintenance.


Clack Water Softener Review: EcoPure Design

EcoPure is a salt-based water softener that uses a special technology that calculates how much water is needed for regeneration. This means it doesn’t waste more water than necessary. It’s ideal for homes with 1 to 5 people.


Clack Water Softener Review: Conclusion

Speaking from experience, bringing a water softener to your home is going to change your life. Better quality drinking water, no stains on dishes and clothes, and long-lasting appliances. It should help improve the quality of life greatly. 

Take into consideration all the important parameters we discussed in this article and you should be able to make the best choice for your household.