Green Wave Water Conditioner Review


The Green Wave Water Conditioner is a durable water softener that does not use salt in order to treat hard water which despite not being an issue to the health of people it does lead to financial loss due to build-up of minerals in the water that usually come in the form of magnesium and calcium, based on where you live in the world. 

This product does come with an initial price tag however overtime when you use it you will notice that you will end up saving more money than you paid for this water conditioner in the first place as It will reduce the amounts of issues and thus maintenance you will need to pay for to get your pipes and other connected water appliances cleaned or fixed. 


  • This product is manufactured in the United States so you can be confident that it is a very high-quality product made by experienced engineers. 
  • There is no need to add salts or chemicals to this water appliance for it to work which will save you a lot of money in the long term.
  • A variety of sizes which increase the chances that you will be able to fit this water conditioner where you want to install it as well as the ability to buy larger models that offer better value for money in the long term.
  • The Green Wave Water Conditioner does not need to be powered by electricity in order to run.
  • Another great advantage of the Green Wave Water Conditioner is that it requires very little maintenance.


  • Much more expensive than other alternatives.
  • It is not a real water softener.
  • Does not remove all hardness in the water but instead just prevents limescale from building up on surfaces. 

Full Green Wave Water Conditioner Review

The Green Wave Conditioner is a salt-free water softener system which does not work like the stereotypical water softener as it does not remove the minerals that make the water hard but instead it crystallizes or changes the form of the minerals which stops them from building up on surfaces and thus protects your pipe infrastructure and water appliances from being damaged and blocked up.

This USA made water conditioner incorporates a very simple design, that is fairly easy to install which we will discuss further below in this article. 

The great thing about this product is that once you install it you do not have to worry about it as it does not use any salts or chemicals to run, therefore you will not need to constantly reload in order to make it work. 

This will save you a lot of time and also money. 

Apart from that, this water conditioner includes a pre-filter that will make sure to clean the water from any other type of contaminants before the water is softened. 

This water filter needs to be changed on average every 12 months, but depending on how often you use it it can last much longer or last a shorter amount of time. 

Green Wave Water Conditioner Installation

The installation process of the green wave water conditioner is fairly straightforward, most customers will be able to figure it out by reading the manual that should be provided with the product when it is sold. 

However, if you do encounter any issues you can get them sorted out by searching online on platforms such as Youtube and Google where you can find detailed guides as well as video tutorials that explain the installation process step by step which should sort out any problems that you may have.

Alternatively, if you are still struggling and have a problem that you cannot find a solution to in the manual provided with the product or on the internet then you could always call a professional plumber who will have the necessary knowledge in order to fix the problem or tell you what the solution is. 

However, do not worry about that, as this is not a complicated water conditioning appliance it has very few components so it will not be very hard to figure out. 

A possible issue with the installation process may be that you may not be able to fit in the Green Wave Water Conditioner because it may be too big or there may be something in the way. 

This will require you to do some modifications to the area or to return your appliance and order a smaller version if there are smaller versions available. 

Green Wave Water Conditioner Performance

This conditioner has a very good performance, it has been independently tested and certified by the University of Arizona with the results of the test showing that the method that the Green Wave Water Conditioner is the most effective way to prevent the build of limescale on the surfaces that the water happens to get in contact with.

Despite its small size, it has a very high performance which makes it the perfect water conditioner as you can fit almost anywhere you want without any issues or trouble and still expect the same advanced performance. 

On average this water conditioner is able to treat 12 gallons every single minute which equals 17,000 gallons a day if you, for example, are running high volumes of water which exemplifies the reliableness of this water conditioner.

This high performance is backed up by the great warranty that is available with this product, US Water Systems which is the manufacturer behind this product offers a 3-year warranty of 100% as well as a half-price warranty of 50% for the fourth and fifth years which will give customers a long period of peace of mind. 

Additionally, it shows the confidence that the manufacturer has in the performance and durability of its water condition machine. 

Green Wave Water Conditioner Cartridges

This water conditioner does require filter cartridges that come with a limited lifetime warranty so if they arrive broken or malfunctioning then you can be compensated based on the pre-agreed terms and conditions offered by the US Water Systems company. 

These filter cartridges are called Dual Stage Carbon Pre-Filters and require changes every 12 months on average but this may vary depending on how much water you run but for the overwhelming majority of customers it will be more than adequate to change their filter every 12 months.

The changing of the cartridges is the only maintenance that you will need to do for this green wave water conditioner, which will allow you to focus on enjoying life and not constantly worrying about your water conditioner. 



Is the Green Wave Water Conditioner Also a Water Softener?

Yes technically the Green Wave Water Conditioner is a water softener, but it is not exactly the same as a water softener since it is salt-free which means that it does not soften hard water but instead changes the form of the minerals that make the water hard in the first place which stops them from binding together. By stopping the minerals from binding together you prevent the build-up for limescale which can cause blockages and damage to surfaces.

Where Is It a Good Idea to Install a Water Conditioner?

The most efficient place to locate your water conditioner is where the source of your main water supply is, this is often under the kitchen sink but can also be in other places depending on how your plumbing works are laid out. For example, you may have a separate water source for your garage or other buildings which are part of your house so you may need to install a separate water conditioner there. 

Can I Drink Water From the Green Wave Water Conditioner?

Yes, you can drink water from a Green Wave water conditioner without any issues whatsoever, there are no issues to your health and safety by the method that this water appliance conditions the water. It has been tested independently multiple times and there is no evidence to suggest that it is harmful in any way.

What Can I Do If I Have Trouble Installing the Green Wave Water Conditioner?

The first thing you should do is tick off the ways that you can get help on the problems that you are encountering, these methods are in order, reading the manual that comes with this product, then searching online for answers on the main search engines Google and Youtube. Finally, you can call and hire a plumber to help you out if you are still stuck. It is better to have it done properly so you don’t encounter any further problems than to make costly mistakes. 

Is It Difficult to Maintain the Green Wave Water Conditioner?

No, not at all. A Green Wave Water Conditioner is a very easy water appliance to manage, you simply install it correctly and the only actual maintenance that you need to do is change the pre-filter every 12 months are recommended and you are all set and ready. This is one of the major benefits of a salt-free water softener as there is less maintenance to do. 

Green Wave Water Conditioner Conclusion


In conclusion, the Green Wave Water Conditioner is in my opinion a worthy investment for people that are looking to stop the build-up of limescale on the surfaces of their piping and water appliance that comes into contact with their water. 

It is very cheap to run, as it does not require electricity in order to work, and also the pre-filter requires changing just once every 12 months which is literally all the maintenance work that you would need to do to this model of water conditioner. 

It is also a great long term investment as it comes with a 100% warranty of 3-years with a further half-price warranty for 2 years after that.

The issue however with this product is that it does not remove the calcium, magnesium and other minerals that make the water hard, so it is not suitable for all customers but if this is not a feature that you are looking for then the Green Wave Water Conditioner is worth considering.