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One of the greatest things about owning a whole house water filter is that even if it drops in performance, you just need to change a cartridge and your whole house will, yet again, have fresh drinkable water.

It’s the same as with any other home appliance, check it once in every 4-6 months and be sure to change it. This is going to save you a headache, some time, and money.

But is changing a whole house water filter easy? It is if you follow the 6 steps outlined below.

What Is A Whole House Water Filter?

The question to begin with, what is a whole house water filter. For some of you who don’t know how it works, here are some basics. The whole house water filter is a filtration system that filters the water going into all of our outlets. The filter is attached to your house’s main supply, therefore he filters all of the water going in, and sends it to every outlet. 

Now that we have explained how a whole house water filter works, maybe you can see the importance of changing the water filter on a regular basis.

How To Change Whole House Water Filter

Now, we tried to describe it as simply as we can by putting it into a few steps. It’s not that difficult, it does not require a lot of tools, or time, you just have to follow these few steps.

Step One

The first step is something you must remember to do, always! You must turn off the water supply. Stop the supply at the main valve, so you can work freely, also you must release the pressure by pushing the knob. It’s usually a red button.

Step Two

Unscrew the housing. Now you are going to need a prefilter wrench to unscrew the housing, once you do so, pay special attention to the parts you take out, and place them somewhere insight, especially the O-ring. Losing them happens often, so avoid that extra trouble by paying attention.

Step Three

Step number three is removing the filter, and cleaning the housing. Just take out the old filter and throw it away. After you have done that, you can start cleaning the housing. Most commonly people use bleach, warm water, and a sponge. You just rinse it well, and if there’s rust you can use any rust removal.

Step Four

Install the new filter. Place the new filter in the same position, in the middle of the standpipe. Also, the filter needs to be placed just above the water filter cartridge. When you are returning the O-ring to its position, you can use silicone grease to help it properly sit.

Step Five

Screw the housing back on. After you made sure all of the parts are in their right places, you can start screwing the housing back on, it’s important that this is done by hand, and not by a tool. The housing can be easily cracked if you overtighten it as well. Be careful while doing this step, and be gentle.

Step Six

Now you can turn the water pressure back on. It’s very important that you do this slowly because water can start rushing in with great pressure and damage your filter, even flooding your basement. So turn the valve slowly and be prepared to turn it off if the water starts rushing. Test the pressure while you are down there, by pushing the pressure button. Keep in mind you might need some towers wrapped around the unit so there are no spills.

Wrap Up

You have to admit that wasn’t scary or difficult. It might take an hour to do, but it saves you so much time in the future. By doing this you are making sure the water that you and your family use are still in good shape, so many benefits for something so easily done.

Looking to change your whole house filter completely? We’ve created a massive guide outlining the best whole house water filters out there. Check it out!