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Pur and Brita are two of the leading manufacturers in the world of water filtration systems, with a range of different products such as pitchers, dispensers and faucet filters that allow you to filter your water with ease giving everyone the ability to drink water without any impurities however it is important that none of these two companies claims to purify the water instead they just filter it.

Although Pur and Brita are both very good options there are quite a few differences between the two which we are going to compare below in this Pur vs Brita Faucet Filter article.

Pur vs Brita Faucet Filter

Pur Faucet Filter

The three-stage filtering technology of the PUR F-3700 advanced faucet water filter is rather impressive.This faucet water filter can remove more than 70 hazardous pollutants. These faucet filters have been tested and certified to remove 99% lead, 96% mercury, and 92% pesticides from tap water. 

PUR water filters are less expensive than bottled water and may save you up to $1,000 over a year. You can get around 100 gallons of purified water with each new filter. Using a faucet filter also aids in the reduction of plastic waste, which is critical for our environment. The PUR faucet filter is simple to install and requires no additional equipment. 

It only takes a few minutes to attach this faucet filter. You can do it even if you don’t have any plumbing knowledge. The PUR 3-Stage Faucet Filter has a 360-degree swivel and works with an ordinary faucet without a hitch. However, it cannot be utilized with pull-out or hand-held faucets. This is true of virtually all faucet water filters. 

If you’re looking for vastly improved water quality and optimal savings, we recommend considering the PUR replacement filters.

Brita Faucet Filter 

This one-of-a-kind chrome system fits perfectly into virtually all regular faucet ports, leaving no space for leaks. However, you won’t be able to use it with spray style, drop-down, or pull-out faucets. The system is simple to set up and use, requiring no specialized technical expertise or the use of tools. 

The Brita On Tap Chrome Water Faucet Filtration System significantly reduces the harsh chlorine tastes found in most metropolitan tap water. Bad smells, asbestos pollutants, benzene, trichloroethylene, and lead – all of which are hazardous contaminants commonly found in tap water – can be removed using the Brita system. 

The Brita option’s numerous extra filtering stages can eliminate even the tiniest cryptosporidium and giardia cyst particles in residential tap water. The simple faucet water filter system provides approximately 150 gallons of filtered tap water. Blinking green and red lights indicates whether the filter is functioning well and if it needs to be replaced. 

Its unique design and chrome finish make it ideal for complementing your modern kitchen decor. You can obtain clean and pure water for numerous home applications with the Brita Water Faucet Filter. You can also save money on disposable water bottles and conserve space in your fridge. 

It has a built-in electronic filter life indicator that will alert you when the filter needs to be cleaned, replaced, or removed, ensuring that the system operates at peak efficiency. The simple one-click installation allows you to uninstall or replace the system. 

Pur vs Brita Faucet Filters

  1. Pur Faucet Filter
  2. Brita Faucet Filter

Pur vs Brita Faucet Filter

Filtration Quality

The Pur and Brita faucet filters both can filter up to 99% of lead that may be contaminating the water which is a major selling point used by the manufacturers of both products as the consumption of lead can cause a condition known as ‘lead poisoning’ that stuns the physical and mental development of children, can lead to high blood pressure and fatigue among many other symptoms which it makes it far from desirable to consume.

Of course, the efficiency of your filter depends on factors such as whether it is not past its product lifespan and that it is not faulty.

The main difference in the filtration quality that we need to highlight in this Pur vs Brita faucet water filter article is that the Pur faucet filters are able to reduce in total 70 contaminants that have been tested while its Brita alternative is only able to filter 60 contaminants.

In all honesty, this is not a massive difference as both of the filters will be able to remove all the major contaminants from the water that will be harmful to you.

However, the Pur faucet filter has been tested and research proves that it is able to filter 10 more contaminants which can also be beneficial if you have young children or are caring for someone with a weak immune system for example if they are elderly or ill and you need that extra peace of mind to know that you are using the best filter as possible.


When comparing the Brita vs Pur faucet filters against each other it is also important to take a look at the overall design which can help you decide if the product has all the features that you need and that it will also fit into the design of the room that you are going to be installing it in.

The Brita and Pur faucet filters both share the same basic design of the main body that is the thickest part and takes up about 90% of the entire faucet filters with the rest of the faucet filters body being the thin pipe that is inserted inside the actual faucet, there are two such pipes one is used to intake the water straight from the tap and the other to transport the filtered water.

Overall the Brita faucet filter looks the best because it is white which is a more neutral color that can fit into a lot more spaces compared to the dark blue color of the Pur faucet filter which is more eye-catching.


Both of the Pur and Brita faucet filters have a lifespan that allows them to filter an estimated 100 gallons which is estimated to be around 2 to 3 months of average use by Pur while Brita estimates it to be around 4 months of average use for a normal-sized family.

Regardless of their estimations both of these products offer pretty long coverage that will provide families and individuals with high-quality water filtration for a low amount of money and with the overall cost depending on how much water is going to be filtered.

For example, if you live by yourself and are at work for most of the day then you will be able to change your filter even less thus saving you money.


As with the lifespan, the warranties the Pur and Brita faucet filters are also the same, both of these products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the problem with the filters is down to defects due to materials or workmanship used to create the filters.

This gives you more than enough time to return the product and apply for a refund if the product comes broken or with any defects, however, this warranty policy does not apply if you are unhappy with your product for whatever reason or alternatively you happen to damage it yourself through inexperience or negligence.

You also need to be aware of the fact that you need to get in contact with the actual manufacturers of the product for the refund or replacement rather than with the retailer that sold you the product as the warranty is offered by the Pur and Brita companies respectfully.

Customer Feedback

Although there is no way to get an overall view of the feedback from customers due to how many different online retailers there that sell the Brita and Pur faucet filters which all have their own individual review sections.

However, on the most reviewed Amazon product pages for the Brita and Pur filters, the Brita filter has the highest review score with a score of 4.5 out of 5 out of a total of 1944 ratings as of writing this Pur vs Brita faucet water filter article.

On the other hand, the Pur faucet filter’s Amazon product page has a total review score of 4.2 stars out of 5 but has a much higher number of reviews with a total of 2,654 reviews as of writing this article which makes it harder to keep a high score.

It can also signal that the Pur faucet filter has a lot more return customers or that it is much more highly recommended by existing customers.

Price & Value for Money

The Pur faucet water filter is the cheapest out of the two with one filter on average costing $7.56 each while the Brita faucet filter costs around $11.31 each. Price is nonetheless is not the deciding factor in which one offers the most value for money, to decide this you need to look at the number of features offered as well as their usefulness.

To begin with, the Brita filter comes with a filter change reminder light which is extremely useful as it guarantees that when your filter is past its use-by date that you will know instantly.

The Pur faucet filter does not have one which means that you just need to replace it by the average two to three month recommended lifespan which is not just potentially detrimental to your health but it can also be costly as you may be changing it before it has fully run out.

On the other hand, the Pur faucet filter is able to filter out 70 contaminants in the water compared to the 60 of the Brita filter.

Pur Faucet Filter Pros & Cons Summary

PUR PLUS Faucet Mount Water Filtration System, 3-in-1 Powerful, Natural Mineral Filtration with Lead Reduction, Horizontal, Metallic Grey, PFM350V
  • 3-IN-1 POWERFUL WATER FILTRATION. PUR is the only faucet filter brand certified by WQA and NSF to reduce 70 chemical & physical substances, including lead. It is also NSF certified to reduce microplastics that are commonly found in tap water.
  • INCLUDES 1 GENUINE PUR FAUCET MOUNT WATER FILTER THAT IS CERTIFIED to provide cleaner, better-tasting drinking water in your PUR Faucet Mount Water Filtration System.
  • Compatible does not mean comparable. Other brands are not certified to work with this PUR Faucet Mount Water Filter.
  • QUICK, TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION with on/off lever for easy, on demand, filtered water.
  • FILTER CHANGE LIGHT to notify you when it is time to change your filter. The Genuine PUR PLUS Faucet Mount Water Filter with natural mineral filtration is certified to last for up to 100 gallons or for 3 months of regular use.


  • Much cheaper with the average Pur faucet filter costing $7.56 which is around a quarter less than the total price of the Brita alternative.
  • Has a lifespan of 100 gallons or two to three months of average use.
  • 30-day warranty that covers defects.
  • Able to filter up to 70 contaminants commonly found in tap water.
  • Very easy to install.


  • It does not have a reminder built into it that tells you that you need to change the water filter.
  • Has a lower total review score on Amazon than the Brita faucet filter.
  • The dark blue color that the Pur faucet filter comes in is much bolder which does not make it suitable for a lot of more neutral property design themes.

Brita Faucet Filter Pros & Cons Summary

Brita Faucet Mount System, Water Faucet Filtration System with Filter Change Reminder, Reduces Lead, Made Without BPA, Fits Standard Faucets Only, Elite, Chrome, Includes 1 Replacement Filter
  • Elite Brita faucet mount water filter attaches to your standard faucet making tap water healthier* and great-tasting; filtration system is easy to install, no tools required
  • Get great-tasting water without the waste of single use plastic bottles; by switching to Brita, you can save money and replace up to 1,800 single use plastic water bottles**** per year
  • Space efficient design with a choice of filtered or unfiltered water; Available in white and chrome color; Height 5.28"; Width 4.8"; Depth 2.26"; Weight .84 pounds
  • Reduce 99% of lead, chlorine (taste and odor), asbestos, particulates, Benzene, and more***; a status indicator lets you know when to replace the filter with an easy 1-click filter replacement
  • Replace every 100 gallons or approximately every 4 months to keep water tasting great*****; this tap water filter fits standard faucets only, does not fit pull-out or spray style faucets


  • Two to three months of the average use of a family before it needs changing or the equivalent of 100 gallons of water filtered.
  • Highest customer feedback score on Amazon out of the two.
  • 30-day warranty that promises to replace or refund your filter if the product arrives defective.
  • The Brita Faucet filter is white which means that it can fit into the appearance of a larger number of rooms without ruining the aesthetics.
  • Able to filter out an estimated 99% of lead found in the water.


  • Much more expensive per unit compared to the Pur faucet filters.
  • It does not have as many reviews on Amazon as the Pur faucet filter.
  • The Brita Faucet filter


How Long on Average Does the Pur vs Brita Faucet Filters Last?

On average, the Pur and Brita faucet filters are able to last around two to three months although Brita estimates that their filters can last up to four months.

Both of the filters have the capacity to process up to 100 gallons of water each before needing replacement this means that there is no actual timeframe and instead it depends on how much water you required to be filtered.

For example, this filter is not recommended for commercial purposes as it will run out very quickly while if you live in a household where for whatever reason not a lot of water needs to be filtered than the filter can last you a lot longer than the recommended two to three-month timeframe.

Can You Filter Hot Water?

Theoretically, you could filter hot water but it is strongly recommended that you do not try to do this as it can melt the contents of the filter inside which can cause it to be less efficient at filtering.

However, you do not really have to worry about this as warm water from the tap is unlikely to cause any such damage only water that is boiling or has been left on the highest temperature setting on your tap may start to cause such damage which means that there is very little chance of you accidentally damaging your faucet filter using hot water.

Generally, manufacturers of water filters recommend that you do not try to filter water that is over 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 35 degrees Celcius.

Does the Pur or Brita Faucet Filter Remove Fluoride?

Brita and Pur both state on their website that their filters only have the ability to remove traces of fluoride which means that they are not capable of removing the majority of fluoride that may be contaminating the water which makes them not suitable for use to try and filter out fluoride water.

Fluoride is infamously very hard and expensive to remove from water and special water filters are generally needed in order to do the job properly rather than just filtering a bit of the fluoride in the water.

Fluoride is added to a lot of the tap water around in the world in order to prevent tooth decay and research done does not confirm that drinking fluoride in high quantities is harmful.

Are Any Tools Required for Installation?

No tools are required for the installation of the Brita or Pur faucet filters, all you have to do is take them out of the packaging and fit them into their respective faucet water filtration systems that have to be from the correct company otherwise they would not work.

If the filter does not have any defects and if it is an official product there should be no problems with installing them in the filtration systems.

Although for the actual filters you do not need any tools, for the installation of the faucet filtration system both manufacturers recommend tools such as an Allen key, a screwdriver, and screws.

Do the Pur or Brita Faucet Filters Soften the Water?

Although research shows that they can soften the water a little bit but they should not be used for the purpose of softening water as they are not effective enough so you are just risking damaging the appliances that you may decide to use the water in.


To conclude the Pur and Brita faucet filters are two high-quality products that can both radically improve the purity of your water by removing potentially unhealthy contaminants that are commonly found in tap water around the world.

They are both extremely similar products but if we had to choose one to recommend in this Pur vs Brita faucet filter article it will be the Pur faucet filter due to it being cheaper than the Brita faucet filters on a per unit basis and also being able to filter 10 more contaminants found in everyday tap water.

However, you also need to be aware of the changing light feature on the Brita filters which in the long term can save you a lot of money as they notify you when the filter needs changing so you can more efficiently use them by changing them when you actually need to.