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In our search for the best reverse osmosis refrigerator water filter, we compiled detailed descriptions of each reverse osmosis water filter for refrigerators and looked at factors like:

  • the lifespan of the filters
  • the pore size of the filter membrane 
  • ease of installation
  • value for money

From the list, we chose the Hydronix ICF-10 Reverse Osmosis Coconut Filter as the best RO carbon filter, the AQUA CREST 5 Years Capacity – Inline Filter as the longest-lasting RO filter, and the Express Water 50GPD as the most effective at removing contaminants.

Read on to see why we chose these filters. 

All-Time Bestseller Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter for Refrigerators

Hydronix ICF-10 Reverse Osmosis Coconut Filter 1/4″ NPT 

Hydronix ICF-10 RO Reverse Osmosis Post PolishingFeatures and Facts:

  • Dimensions: 2″ x 2″ x 10″
  • Port: 1/4″
  • Material: Coconut shell activated carbon 
  • Weight: 8.8 0z.
  • Max. Water Pressure: 125 PSIG
  • Water Temperature: 35F° to 100F°
  • Inlet Water Quality: Municipal/ tap
  • Price Range: $$$$

Vegebe Inline Reverse Osmosis Water Filter for Refrigerator 

Vegebe Inline Water Filter for Ice Maker, RefrigeratorFeatures and Facts:

  • Dimensions: 2″ x 2″ x 10″
  • Material: Coconut shell activated carbon
  • Water Pressure: 125 psi 
  • Max. Water Temperature: 100F°
  • Inlet Water Quality: Tap water
  • Price Range: $$$$


AQUA CREST 5 Years Capacity – Inline RO Water Filter for Refrigerator

AQUACREST 5 Years Capacity - Inline Water Filter for RefrigeratorFeatures and Facts:

  • Dimensions: 2.17″ x 10.24″
  • Material: Polyethylene membrane, coconut activated carbon 
  • Weight: 15.2 oz.
  • Max Water Pressure: 20-100 psi
  • Water Temperature: 33F°-100F°
  • Filter Capacity: 5000 gal. or 5 years
  • Price Range: $$$$

iSpring FA15 10″ Inline 3-Layer Alkaline RO Replacement Water Filter

iSpring FA15 Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge for Reverse OsmosisFeatures and Facts:

  • Dimensions: 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 10
  • Material: Mineral balls, calcite, corosex
  • Life Span: 1500 gal. or 6 months
  • Weight: 1 oz.
  • Water Pressure: 45-70 psi
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm
  • Price Range: $$$$

Express Water 50GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane Water Filter Replacement 

Express Water - FLTMEME50 – Reverse Osmosis Membrane – RO MembraneFeatures and Facts:

  • Dimensions: 2″ x 2″ x 12″
  • Material: Thin Film Composite
  • Life Span: 12 months
  • Weight: 6.4 oz.
  • Water Pressure: 80 psi
  • Max. Water Temperature: 100°F
  • Price Range: $$$$

Our Research

All-Time Bestseller Reverse Osmosis Water Filter for Refrigerators

Hydronix ICF-10 Reverse Osmosis Coconut Filter 1/4″ NPT 

Features and Facts: Material: Coconut shell activated carbon; Max. Water Pressure: 125 PSIG; Water Temperature: 35F° to 100F°; Inlet Water Quality: Municipal/ tap

This inline replacement water filter from Hydronix is a great product for the cost. Besides producing fresh, clean water for your refrigerator water dispenser, it also does the same job for ice makers, coffee makers, and other types of reverse osmosis systems.

The cartridge contains activated carbon made from coconut shells. This highly porous material is very effective at removing contaminants such as dust and sediment, particles, and unwanted chemicals like chlorine.

Note that this polishing filter does not come with quick connect fittings. Also, it does not plug in, but screws into your filter system.


  • Good value for money
  • Lifespan of filter is pretty much as advertised
  • Rids water of bad odors and tastes
  • Works with a variety of reverse osmosis systems like ice and coffee makers


  • Does not include connector fittings

This replacement filter is ideal for various RO systems and can do an excellent job of producing crisp, cold drinking water from your refrigerator. 

Vegebe Inline Reverse Osmosis Water Filter for Refrigerator 

Features and Facts: Material: Coconut shell activated carbon; Water Pressure: 125 psi; Max. Water Temperature: 100F°; Inlet Water Quality: Tap water

Vegebe’s replacement reverse osmosis water filter is very user-friendly because it does not require you to buy quick connector fittings for installation. Instead, its no-fuss safety-clip design lets the user insert the cartridge into their RO system for a secure fit.

Another great feature of this product is that it is BPA-free and can be used with several other types of RO filtration systems. These include water coolers, ice and coffee makers, and under-sink systems.

The highly absorbent activated carbon granules are quite effective at ridding your water of contaminants like micro-particles, chlorine, and odd odors and tastes.


  • BPA free
  • Easy to install
  • Removes unwanted tastes and odors from the filtered water
  • Can be used with other common RO systems


  • Lifespan is not very long compared to other filters

This RO replacement cartridge is a good option for people who want a simple filter that does the job and is easy to install.  


AQUA CREST 5 Years Capacity – Inline RO Water Filter for Refrigerator

Features and Facts: Material: Polyethylene membrane, coconut activated carbon; Max Water Pressure: 20-100 psi; Water Temperature: 33F°-100F°

You won’t need to call a plumber to install this replacement filter for you since it comes with tubing and fittings for quick, easy, push-to-connect installation.

It is compatible with several other types of RO filter systems and can be used in RVs and boats.

As if this product wasn’t impressive enough, it features an activated carbon block wrapped in a polyethylene membrane. The 0.5-micron pore membrane keeps out 80 contaminants, including microparticles like rust and sediment and chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. 


  • Very cost-effective — lasts for 5000 gallons yet costs as much as the next replacement RO filter
  • Easy to install
  • Removes many contaminants
  • Rids water of off-putting tastes and odors 


  • Some users have said that parts are not very durable
  • Some users have complained that it leaks

This product from Aqua Crest is a great choice for consumers who want a long-lasting filter that’s not too expensive. It’s also a good choice for people who aren’t handy with tools.


iSpring FA15 10″ Inline 3-Layer Alkaline RO Replacement Water Filter

Features and Facts: Material: Mineral balls, calcite, corosex; Life Span: 1500 gal. or 6 months; Water Pressure: 45-70 psi; Water Temperature: 40F°-100F°

This inline water filter from iSpring uses unusual materials for filtration purposes.

Instead of using activated carbon, as most reverse osmosis filters do, this one contains calcite, a form of calcium carbonate, corosex, a type of magnesium oxide used for correcting the pH of liquids, and mineral balls for removing unwanted substances from water.

The FA15 replacement filter raises the pH of the filtered water in an attempt to correct the acidity.

This unconventional reverse osmosis filter is also versatile, as it can be installed in under-sink, whole house filters, and other RO filtration systems.


  • Comes with quick-connect fittings for easy installation


  • Filter does not eliminate bad odors and tastes from water, according to some users
  • Some users have complained that filter materials do not increase pH levels high enough
  • System leaks, according to some users

Based on user reviews, we won’t recommend this as a go-to option for clean, crisp drinking water. But it works for other purposes such as feeding your pets, filling aquariums, and watering plants. 


Express Water 50GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane Water Filter Replacement 

Features and Facts: Material: Thin Film Composite; Life Span: 12 months; Weight: 6.4 oz.; Water Pressure: 80 psi; Max. Water Temperature: 100°F

As you may already know, the smaller the pores of a filter membrane, the larger the spectrum of impurities it can filter out. 

This impressive filter features a 0.0001-micron membrane, and in case you’re not familiar with the technical terms, that’s extremely tiny! 

For reference, viruses, bacteria, and fungi are bigger than 0.0001μm. This is why this impressive filter can remove 99.99% of impurities from your water. 

These unwanted particles include the usual suspects -— fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and some pesticides. This is the only filter on our list that is approved for filtering water from untreated sources like wells thanks to its filter membrane.


  • Great value for the price
  • Easy to install 
  • The company offers lifetime support to customers
  • Filter is compatible with several brands and types of RO systems


  • Some users have complained that the water pressure is too low.

The Express Water 50GPD RO filter is a good purchase for people who need an affordable option that can safely filter untreated water.

Remember to check that this filter is compatible with your system before you purchase it. 

How Exactly Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Reverse osmosis filter systems take your water through four or five stages of filtration before it is ready to drink.

In the reverse osmosis process, the filtration machines use pressure to force H2O molecules through partly permeable membranes inside the filter cartridges. This simply means that the membrane allows some molecules and particles to pass through it but blocks others out. 

How? If the molecules are small enough to pass through, they will. This is how filter membranes are used to separate microparticles (including H2O). 

How Is a Reverse Osmosis Filter Different From Other Types of Filters?

Other types of filter systems use different materials and mechanisms to separate water from harmful contaminants. 

One of the most common is activated carbon or charcoal, which is very porous and attracts certain chemicals to it. This is common in RO systems and water filter pitchers.

Another type of filtration system is distillation, which involves using heat to boil the water and produce steam, then allowing the steam to condense within a special part of the system. The machine collects the condensed drops, aka, the distilled water.

The simplest form of water filter is the one that works based on the principle of gravity. As a child, you may have made a rough version of a gravity-fed filter using stones, sand, and cotton. 

Remember how the water went into the ‘filter’ dirty but came out clean? That’s basically what gravity-fed filter systems do, but just a lot better! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Hook up a Water Line to a Refrigerator?

There are different ways to do this depending on your level of skill in this area and the type of RO system you already have installed in your house.

First, you’ll need to gather your tools and get materials like tubing (the correct size) and connector fittings if your reverse osmosis system didn’t come with them.

Once you have all your equipment, unplug your fridge, then position it in a way that you can access the back of it comfortably. Next, locate the tube or fitting on the back of your fridge that your RO system will be connecting to.

If you have a whole house RO water system, here’s a great tutorial on how to set up the connection.

Always remember that when in doubt, call a qualified plumber to get the job done properly and safely.

How Do I Increase the Pressure in My Refrigerator RO System?

The first step to increasing the pressure coming into your refrigerator RO system is to visually inspect the tube lines that transport water between your fridge and RO system.

If they are not kinked or blocked, then we suggest you check the user manual that came with your fridge or the website of the manufacturer, because the solution might be as simple as adjusting a few settings on your fridge.

Another issue that could cause the cold, filtered water coming out of your fridge’s water dispenser to trickle is that the filter of the RO system needs to be replaced.

If it’s clogged up with impurities like dirt, there’s no way that you’re going to get good water pressure. You’ll have to replace the filter.

If you’ve followed these tips but see no improvement in the water pressure, then you might want to call a plumber. 

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter for Refrigerators Recap

Now that you’ve read our guide on the best reverse osmosis water filter for refrigerators, we’d like to think that you’re well informed and ready to decide which RO filter is best for your fridge.

Let’s take a look at our top picks:

We chose this one because it has a long lifespan as advertised, is a great value for the cost, and does an excellent job of removing many contaminants.

We like the long lifespan of this filter, plus its 0.5 μm filter membrane keeps impurities out of your clean, cold water supply.

The impressive semi-permeable membrane in this filter removes a long list of contaminants from your water source to give you cold, crisp, purified water.