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Are you facing problems with hard water in your household or workplace? Most of us are dealing with toxic substances as the tap water quality keeps worsening no matter where we live. 

Not only does hard water damage internal organs, but even the smallest splash of it can affect our skin. 

But don’t worry, there is a solution. 

We’ve tested the Softpro Water Softener, and it proved many times that it’s one of the best ways to deal with hard water. Find out more about the softener in the review below. 

The Best SoftPro Water Softener System for Hard Water

The number of households having to deal with hard water is rising day-by-day. This sturdiness is due to the presence of certain minerals like sulfur, iron, manganese, and calcium in the water. 

We said enough about the harmfulness of water to your health. Moreover, the bad quality of water will also ruin your household appliances. 

You have already seen the orangish-brown stains and the built-up limescale on your devices.

The damage caused by hard water can lead to expensive fixes or replacements if you don’t treat them on time. The smell and taste of hard water are bad.

Engineering Excellence

We have made a list of several Softpro models, which may be useful according to varying situations. The reviews will help you choose the most suitable one. 

We brought user-experience with advantages and disadvantages to help you get useful information.

This company has been around for more than a quarter of a century. Their products focus on problems with the water supply. This article will offer a variety of models.

Softpro brought some revolutionary products ten years ago. Among them is the SoftPro Water Cleaner which has dominated the market ever since. 

Hard water may cause endless interruption to your domestic activities so our advice is SoftPro solutions.

Eco-Conscious Design

The rapid technological and economic development across the globe brought many alleviations. Although it solved many problems it has also caused a serious ecological blow to the planet. 

Many of us take the warning of scientists about the deterioration of the general situation for granted.

Being a leader in this field, Softpro is trying to put in place these recommendations by applying them in the production process. 

They use resources in a cost-effective manner through manufacturing and make up disposal solutions. 

The effort to create advanced products in balance with environmental factors are proving to be good.

Water Innovation For A Better World

We must remain dedicated to raising the quality of our living in a fast-changing global society. This is what Softpro stands for during long years of providing stellar service to its users. 

A team of scientists spends years in innovating and testing appliances that provide us high-quality water.

Superior Quality

The company has a large facility for production which is around 1.2 million square feet. Every product passes through testing phases in a dedicated facility. 

An experienced quality control team manages the examination. The testing is according to certified systems and supervision of third party institutions.


Throughout thirty years of existence, we managed to provide amazing cutting-edge products. An outstanding team of professionals has made such an effort to succeed in the eyes of the world.


  • Exquisite-quality commodities at a very low price. The processes of manufacture are avant-garde
  • Elimination of non-essential processes and creation of innovative solutions through proven actions
  • Under the leadership of a team devoted to saving material and water


Softpro Water Softener Products Review

SoftPro Pura Optimus High Efficiency 24,000 Grain Water Softener System


  • Integrated 3/4 blowoff valve
  • 24K grain capacity
  • Simple installation
  • Effective for specific usage


The new tool is aiming towards water treatment considering extra features as well. The LCD design makes an easy usage of it.

The up-flow technology enabling optimal use of the mineral tank is one of its distinct features. This specific tool aims to get rid of the hardness of the water.

This product will serve as an excellent replacement in case you have tried salt-based water softeners. You won’t have to worry about salt supplies anymore.  

Large Brine Tank

Refilling salt every now and then is one of the major problems with salt-based water softeners. This will waste your time and money. 

If you want to keep large amounts of salt, the large brine tank will help you out. It will prevent clumping with a brine grid and you won’t waste salt. 

Quick Regeneration Process

It is a feature that speeds the regeneration process up. This operation takes time in other water softener systems. 

But here is also a regeneration propelled with up-flow technology to help the mineral tank recover in no time. 

Easy Installation

You won’t need much time to set it up. Any kind of professional help is not needed. The LCD features ease the operation to the greatest. 

Compatible with other Home Appliances

In households having a problem with hard water, home appliances such as pipes, sinks, and dishes are usually at risk. 

The sink collects deposits of gunky stuff every now and then and dishes have stains. 

The result of this is that you will soon be looking for a spare part. You can reverse the results of bad weather by installing this system into your household tap water arrangement. 

The water will be soft no matter the circumstances. 


  • Outflow transformation system
  • Brine grid added to the large brine tank
  • Mineral tank made of fiberglass
  • Exceptional warranty


  • eight percent resin filter




Softpro Elite Plus High-Efficiency Water Softener and Filter



  • 28 X 18 X 52 inches of volume
  • A capacity of 40 thousand grains
  • Black colored
  • Made of fiberglass

Here we have a multi-practical water softener. Its specialty is not only hard water but city water contaminants as well. 

It is very good at removing hard metals like copper and lead because it features a KDF-55 filter.  

It will make water tasty by removing the chlorine from it. Bacterial growth will stop being an issue due to the KDF-55 media guard.

10% cross-linked resin is the filter on which Softpro Elite Plus relies. The usage of your water system will increase with this high-ended filtration tool. 

An electronic control head is also present on the water softener of this Softpro model. A free four-line LCD display is also a part of this control head. Setting a program is very easy.


  • Sets you free of heavy metals like lead, and sulfur
  • Electronic control head with a touchpad which is easy to program
  • Lifetime warranty on tanks and ten years warranty on the control head
  • Exceptional customers service


  • A bit on the pricey side

A reverse flow regeneration system is a feature of this elite water softener. It will keep salt and resin from getting spent. 

The amount of salt needed for regeneration gets calculated by an automatic system. Thirty percent of your salt will get preserved.

An addition to the package is a black tank jacket made of neoprene. Its role is to protect your tank from changing temperature and sunlight exposure. 

On the tank, you will get a lifetime warranty as well as ten years warranty on the control head. 

You can order this exceptional softening system and enjoy the soft, toxic-free, water of great taste.



Softpro Elite Basic High-Efficiency Water Softener




  • 18 X 33″ volume of the mineral tank 
  • A capacity of 32,000 grains
  • 12 GPM Water Flow rate
  • Black colored


We are talking about one of the best water softeners ever produced. As a very economic and ecological device, it will save large amounts of water and salt.

It outperforms the devices of its kind in every aspect. 

Your plumbing pipe, washing machine, and faucet can all build limescale because of hard water. The home appliances, hair, and skin will build it up as well.

Your hair and skin, as well as the valuable appliances of your home, will not suffer damage. This water softener will protect them by removing hard minerals. 


  • 18 X 33″ volume of the mineral tank 
  • A capacity of 32,000 grains
  • 12 GPM Water Flow rate
  • Black colored


  • Programming system and installation is easy
  • Lesser consumption of salt and water
  • Available in different grain sizes
  • Easy maintenance


  • Installed by a professional

A ten percent cross-linked resin is the main power of the Elite Basic Water Softener. As it lasts long, it also works better against chlorinated water.

A large electronic control head with a touch screen LCD is among the stellar features of this excellent product. The ease of programming makes it even more attractive.

This ultimate mechanism will make you save on salt and water using the up-flow regeneration technology.

Let’s not forget to mention the excellent tech support and warranty you get. You will get a lifetime warranty on tanks and ten years on electronic control.







Can I Install My Softpro Water Softener?

You can do it. A vast majority of them get installed by users themselves. You can also ask for professional help if you don’t feel comfortable enough to do it yourself. 

Installation guides are a part of the system. 

To make it even easier, the company offers an installation manual on their website.

What should I do after installing my SoftPro Water Softener?

You won’t have to worry much after you finish with the setup of the water softener. Our advice is to check its maintenance in a regular manner. Control the salt level in your brine tank so the regeneration process goes on without a hitch.

How Can I Get Customer Service?

If you need customer service you should call the number provided on their website to get stellar help. You can write them an email as well. Even after office hours and on holidays you may reach their very responsive service.

Final Thoughts

We can wrap up that the Softpro water softening systems are something that you buy once and use for a lifetime. 

Which one you’ll get depends on the size of your household or workplace, the purposes of filtering, and your willingness to manage the system. 

The price should be a secondary factor in comparison to the benefits you’ll get.

If you’re looking for the best water softener in 2021, check this guide out.