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Have you noticed an unpleasant sulfuric smell while cooking your food, doing laundry, dishes, or drinking water?

This means you have a problem both with the intake and the usage of your water. 

The SoftPro water filtration system should be able to solve that for you.

We will discuss the benefits of filtering water throughout this article. 

Our aim is to provide you enough information so you can decide according to your needs. You will be capable of making a confident and educated decision about filtration systems and finding out the best solution.

About SoftPro Well Water Softener


  • Mineral tank of 8 x 44 size
  • Brine tank of 15 x 15 x 34 square size
  • Salt grid
  • Brine well that features safety floats
  • Brine line
  • Digital metered control valve
  • Fine mesh resin
  • Gravel for support
  • Upper basket
  • Plastic bypass valve of one inch
  • Neoprene insulating tank jacket of paramount quality

The Hard Water Inevitability

Users of well water deal with its hardness and expose themselves to toxic substances during the time. 

Several minerals such as sulfur, iron, manganese, and calcium are among the greatest causes of water hardness.

The sedimentation of orange stains and limescale can damage your appliances and harm your health. Not to mention the bad smell and taste of water and food. Damages by hard water makes costly repairs and replacements if left untreated.



The Water Softener Solution

What may help against hard water is a water softener. 

Making a modest investment you may earn yourself serious gains. The life of your plumbing system and appliances will be longer. 

Stains and build-up by hard water will go away and the electricity bill will drop. The smell from the water will go away and the fabrics will remain soft and colorful.

Many are attributing a complexity of use to water softener which is not justified. 

Their features make them easy and safe for use since they’re engineered for ideal work. 

That’s a reason why SoftPro are top sellers on the market. 

Simplicity of Use

SoftPro models durability and simplicity when compared to products of their type. 

There are no confusing symbols since the LCD is easy to read. 

With enough automatic features to remove user errors, programming offers a wide range of options.

An essential factor to consider when buying a water softening system is its toxic reduction technology. 

Elite Well Water Softener is among the best water softening systems. It is a product of a family business from California with thirty years of experience in this area.

For an effective use for well water, they bring us the SoftPro Elite Water Softener

With a lifetime warranty, it is an effective softening system with extra packages to meet various needs!

Variety of Packages

This water softener includes a large brine tank with 18×33 size. 

It can soften a grain capacity of up to 80 thousand. 

You can also check out several interesting packages brought by the producer.

Checking your pump’s flow rate and calculating your grain capacity is the first thing you need to do. 

To know which package will best fit your water needs, you can choose your grain capacity and GPM.

Clearing Away Iron Particles

The SoftPro Well and Basic Control Valve are a part of the basic package. It clears away iron particles from your water. 

With the help of a touchpad LCD, you can set the system without confusing codes or symbols.

The Fine Mesh Resin package proved effective in removing iron. 

A salt grid in the large 18 x 33 brine tank will keep the bottom of the tank from clumping.

Automatic Adjustment of Reserves

After seven day of non-use, the automatic system refresh will flush any stagnant water. The reserve will adjust according to your usage. 

To provide insulation in high-humidity or cold weather, a Black Neoprene Jacket covers the tank. It has a limited lifetime warranty, which is fantastic!


The IAPMO Research and Testing gave this softener a Water Quality Platinum Seal. 

You can improve performance by saving water with the NSF-certified control valve with backwash and rinse cycles. 

The regeneration mode, flow sensor, and remaining gallons will appear on the plain LCD.

A peak softener flow rate of 10 GPM is a feature of all systems. 

With these systems comes a free bonus of Quick Connect Hoses for easy installation.


As an addition to all features is the Reverse Osmosis Purifier with Advanced Water Alkalizer. 

Contrary to its competitors, QWT water softener systems are much more affordable.

A big advantage is their offer for payment plans without interest. The producer brings a lifetime warranty on the tank and a seven-year warranty on the control valve.

SoftPro Well Water Softener Product Review

SoftPro Elite – Water Softener for Well Water

Having features that make it ideal for well water, the SoftPro Elite is a salt-based water softener. 

Using a fraction of the salt and water, it’s fine-mesh resin filters iron up to 3PPM. This is the double of similar models. It is the best whole house water filtration system.

The list of its features doesn’t stop growing. 

It outperforms comparable models with its effective up-flow technology.

The backwashes are automatic since a digital head offers push-button control. Its super-capacity, wide-mouth brine tanks are easy to load and refill less often. 

A brine grid lines each one and prevents the salt from clumping.

To keep the tank from overfilling if the softener malfunctions is a safety float. The unit also can’t freeze. 

What makes condensation not to collect on the floor is a black neoprene jacket that helps to insulate the tank. 

With the resin preloaded, SoftPro systems are straightforward to install. 

They offer excellent technical support. 

You won’t get disappointed since QWT backs you with a lifetime warranty.


To bind positive ion hard minerals, salt-based water softeners use negative ion resin beads. 

As they reach their grain rating (saturation capacity), saltwater breaks the bond between the resin and the minerals. As calcium and magnesium ions wash away, resin beads renew themselves.

You can buy the SoftPro Elite in sizes from 24 to 80 thousand grains. Four-member families will find the 48 thousand grain good. 

Yet, the size may depend on the flow rate and the usage frequency. 

There is a grain calculator on the producer website. Let’s not forget to mention their excellent technical support team.   


Each water softener uses a different resin type. The standard eight-percent resin gets damaged by iron with ease. 

Yet, our SoftPro Elite washes away more iron than any softener and has a damage-resistant mesh resin. 

You can measure the amount of iron in your water with a simple water test. You won’t have to replace the SoftPro Elite resin under average conditions.


The main water inlet is the ideal place to install a water softener. 

You should allow ten feet between the softener and your water heater, within a reach of a power outlet and drain. 

For untroubled upkeep, the SoftPro Elite needs four square feet plus an area to add salt to the system.

Regeneration Control

Certain water softeners waste both salt and water and regenerate on a timer no matter what they need. 

To prevent bacterial growth in the tank, the SoftPro Elite tracks the usage. 

It regenerates in seven days or when it’s necessary.

Safety Features

We must admit water softeners are generally reliable, but they can overflow and damage the wood, drywall, and concrete if they go wrong. 

Like the type in your toilet that turns the water off when its level is too high, SoftPro Elite has its safety float. 

For homeowners who are often on the road, overflow systems may prove valuable.

Design and Installation

You will get a set of an electronic control head, brine tank, and a resin tank. 

You’ll spend less time in the uptake because the oversized tank has a larger footprint than most. 

This will prove valuable as you’ll spend less salt.

You should be looking for someone to set it up for you because the resin tank is a heavy one. Since it is an economic product, feel free to hire a plumber. 

Do check your local code before ordering because salt-based softeners restrict to certain areas.

Customers tend to agree with the QWT advertisement which promises easy installation of the well water softener. 

Yet, you may need to hire a professional if you don’t have basic experience with plumbing. The programming is even a bit confusing according to some customers.

After you install it, you’ll notice that the taste and smell of the water have improved right away. 

You won’t have problems with the orangish-brown stains on your appliances anymore. Also, the previous limescale build-up will go away.

Your clothes will be brighter and softer in the laundry. 

Moreover, you won’t need to use that much soap while bathing and showering, as you did before. The difference in using the water softener is “night and day” according to some customers.

Customer service and support are some of the best things about QWT. 

They are carrying out the advertisement for “lifetime customer support”. You won’t find all information about them on their web-page. 

Yet, they will answer your questions in no time if you call or email them.


  • You can buy sizes reaching eighty thousand grain
  • A backlit digital interface that is easy to read
  • Prevention of bacteria build-up with an automatic refresh feature
  • Prevention of flooding damage with safety float
  • Unlimited warranty


  • Occupation of more floor space with the large brine tank




What does the SoftPro Elite Water Softener remove?

The fine mesh resin of SoftPro Elite is resistant to damage so it does more than removing the iron from the water. 

You can measure the amount of iron in your water with a simple test. 

You’ll never need to change the resing in the SoftPro Elite in average conditions.

What should I do After Installing My Softpro Water Softener Unit?

You won’t be facing any obligations after you install your water softener in the right way. 

The only thing you’ll have to take care of is the amount of salt in the brine tank. The brine solution will not be able to regenerate the resin if your salt runs out. 

It means your water won’t be soft.

What Is An Upflow Water Softener/ Who This Is For?

Water softening systems based on up-flow save their owners thousands of gallons of water and salt. 

When you soften your water, channeling won’t be an issue due to the up-flow technology. The softener directs the water in an up-flow manner, unlike downflow systems.


Besides the damage they do to your health, you will have to deal with damaged clothes, bad hair, and often buy new appliances.  

You may solve all these issues with a single buy.  Users have testified great practicality to new generation well water softeners.



If you’re still not sure and looking to consider other options, check our guide here.