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Phoenix is known for many things. From beautiful landscapes to hot weather, many people can’t get enough of this Arizona hotspot. One area where Phoenix leaves something to be desired is Phoenix drinking water. While the Phoenix water quality isn’t terrible, you will notice it changes taste and scent throughout the year. It’s also incredibly minerally-rich, hard water, which can lead to scale build-up and other issues. Is Phoenix tap water safe to drink? It should be fine, but it’s not going to taste or smell good without a little help.

Where Does Phoenix Tap Water Come From?

According to Phoenix water resources, the water in Phoenix mainly comes from the Salt River Project, also known as the SRP. The SRP brings together a collection of canals and pipelines from the Salt and Verde Rivers. This mixes with the Central Arizona Project (CAP), which brings in Colorado River water, as well. The smell or taste of your water is impacted, as the seasons change. For example, stronger smells in the water are noticed in the fall, when minerals and algae gather in the canals that transport the water. Despite the algae being removed when the water is treated, the scent can still remain.

Can you Drink Phoenix Tap Water?

First off, it’s important to note that Phoenix tap water is technically safe to drink. It meets all of the standards set by the EPA and shouldn’t cause you any harm. That said, there are some chemicals and contaminants in the water that could contribute to further health problems. Enjoying Phoenix drinking water straight from the faucet may not harm you, but it’s also probably not the safest option. To ensure that your drinking water is as clean as possible you should use a water filter. A water filter will improve Phoenix water quality and will help to remove any unnecessary smells or tastes that you find off-putting.

What’s in the Water: Is Phoenix Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Phoenix water quality is decent but does contain contaminants. Contaminants can be split into two sections. There are the ones that are in higher than recommended amounts and the ones that are in low, but detectable amounts. So, while Phoenix tap water may be drinkable, there are still things floating around in there that a water filter can help you remove. Without removing it, you are essentially consuming additives, chemicals, and contaminants that could end up making you sick.

There are six contaminants in Phoenix drinking water that are present enough that they cross the threshold set in health guidelines. Five of the six contaminants can add to the risk of cancer. These include:

  • Arsenic
  • Bromate
  • Chromium (hexavalent)
  • Radiological contaminants
  • Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs)

The final contaminant that occurs in larger amounts is Chlorite. Chlorite is a byproduct of the disinfection process and can create changes in your blood chemistry.

The remaining ten contaminants in Phoenix drinking water include:

  • Barium – A mineral that can contribute to hypertension and cardiovascular disease
  • Bromochloromethane – A carcinogen that often appears in water as a byproduct of disinfection
  • Chlorate – Another byproduct of disinfection that can impair your thyroid functioning
  • Chromium (total) – This is usually in water as a result of industrial usage.
  • Fluoride –Fluoride is often added to tap water, though it can occur naturally, as well
  • Haloacetic acids (HAA5) – This group of five acids are formed when water is treated
  • Molybdenum – A natural metal that can cause gout-like symptoms
  • Nitrate – A chemical found in fertilizer that can cause cancer and/or oxygen deprivation in infants.
  • Strontium – This metal collects in your bones and increases the chances of bone cancer
  • Vanadium – While this is a metal that is commonly found in water, it can be toxic to both pregnant women and children

Water Filter Recommendations

If you want the safest water possible, you should add a water filter before you drink Phoenix tap water. This will ensure that any remaining contaminants are able to be filtered out or reduced significantly. You can get a water filter that filters out specific contaminants like Chlorine or Lead. Of course, many water filters will remove up to 99% of contaminants no matter what they are.

If you’re not familiar with choosing a water filter, it’s easier than you think. A whole house water filter is a great choice for families or people that live in a larger home. If you’re in an apartment, or maybe don’t have a lot of room, you could consider faucet water filters, which you can connect to the faucets that you want to filter your water. Water filter pitchers and countertop water filters are also good, often inexpensive, options. Some models we like include:

Culligan FM-15A Review

This water filter ensures the availability of clean drinking water for your family. Apart from removing the contaminants, it enhances the taste of the water.

The manufacturers have designed this product to minimize chlorine, azine, lead, lindane, and class I particulates. This filter controls the turbidity of the water, along with removing poor taste and odor. The water filter deploys the carbon block filtration method.

You can seamlessly install this water filter without professional support or any tools. It’s fully compatible with different hardware and comes with adapters for every sink nozzle of standard size, except for drop-down faucets.

The filter will work perfectly for two months, enough to filter around 200 gallons of water. How often you’ll need to maintain or replace the filter depends on the water conditions and usage of water. The Culligan FM-15A is tested by IAPMO and certified against Standard 42 and 53.

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AquaGear Water Filter Pitcher Review

If you’ve been looking for a premium water filter to ensure sustainability and good health for your family, get this water filter from AquaGear. These filters are recyclable, BPA-free, and manufactured in the US. With this powerful filter, you can eliminate 2,000% more contaminants compared to traditional filters. 

Some of the most common contaminants it can remove include trace pharmaceuticals, VOC, PFOA/PFOS, lead, chlorine, microplastics, and different types of pesticides and herbicides. While other filters often strip out trace and healthy minerals like magnesium and calcium, this filter retains them.

The filter is examined in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for eliminating contaminants from tap water. It comes with a triple-capacity filter, each of which can produce around 120 gallons of water. This provides the product with a 3X life that would help you make optimal savings. 

Most importantly, you can enjoy a lifetime guarantee for this product. If the pitcher breaks with regular use, you can get it replaced free of cost.

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Big Berkey Review

A user-friendly, reliable, and affordable option for homeowners, Big Berkey brings to you a classy water filter for domestic purposes. This water filter comes devoid of any requirements for water pressure. You’ll appreciate the stylish finish and quality of the product. Moreover, you can purify both untreated and treated water with this filter. 

While assembling this water filter, you won’t need to depend on pressure plumbing, electricity, or any tool. This filter is also economical for the home, and on average, you’ll be spending less than 2 cents per gallon of water. The manufacturers have integrated the product with additional filters to enhance its longevity and capacity.

You can simply set up this freestanding water filter on any countertop, stand, or ledge. 

This water filter can purify water from different sources like lakes, streams, wells, ponds, and even your city’s water tower. It has a simple operational mechanism, where you need to pour water from any source into the upper chamber. Next, you can collect the purified water from the bottom chamber by pressing the nozzle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are water filters a good investment for filtering Phoenix tap water? 

Yes, water filters are a good investment when you live in a state like Phoenix with unpleasant natural tap water. You can get a top-quality water filter, some of which we’ve discussed, that can improve the quality of your water for drinking. The initial price of the filter might be high, but you should know that it will pay off in the long run. 

Some water filters can last years and prevent health risks. Although Phoenix tap water is not a threat to human health, it might contain harmful chemicals, and some individuals might experience health issues from it. Once you have your filter, you no longer have to be wary each time you use the water because you’ve reduced any potential risk. 

How can I remove the bad taste from Phoenix tap water? 

You can make Phoenix tap water taste better by using a filtration system or slicing a piece of citrus fruit in your water. The weird taste of Phoenix water is what makes it so off-putting for residents. While some can manage the bad taste, others find it undrinkable. Filtering your water is the best way to eliminate the taste. However, you can add a thin slice of lemon or mint inside your glass of water and refrigerate for about an hour. Many people suggest boiling the water to remove that weird taste, but it’s not a 100% effective solution. We recommend you try different ways to determine which works best for you. 

Is Phoenix tap water hard? How can I solve it? 

Yes, Phoenix tap water is hard. The city has some of the hardest water in the US. Water hardness doesn’t pose any health risk because it contains calcium and magnesium, not harmful substances. Although, it can cause your body to feel dry and itchy or cause skin damage. It can also affect the plumbing in your home. 

The best way to solve tap water hardness is to use a water softener. A water softener is a mechanical filtration system that removes dissolved magnesium and calcium from your water, thereby softening it. Contrary to popular misconceptions, water softener does not remove contaminants from the water. However, it may make it taste better. 

If you cannot get a water softener, you can use this temporary solution. The method involves boiling the water. Boiling the water for a couple of minutes can cause it to soften. 

What can I substitute for tap water in Phoenix? 

If the tap water in Phoenix is unbearable for you, you can substitute it with purified or spring water. Please note that it might be cheaper to invest in a water filter system than buy bottled water for the household. 

Does Phoenix have the worst tap water in the US?

No, Phoenix doesn’t have the worst tap water in the US. However, it doesn’t rank high among the best. 

What do I do if my water appears cloudy? 

Since you can’t identify what the cause is, the best thing to do is to notify a professional immediately. 

Is Phoenix tap water safe to drink? Hopefully, you know the answer to that by now, but if not, you can rest assured that it is safe, but would be much higher quality with the use of a water filter. If you have any more questions about Phoenix drinking water, let us know in the comments.