What is WaterFilterData?

Wayne Anthony founder of WFDMy name is Wayne Anthony, a water quality expert, and consultant with years of experience in the industry. Together with my team of water experts, we want to help you find the best and most reliable water purification method for you and your family.

We believe that every citizen on this planet earth needs to have pure drinking water.

Unfortunately, this is far from becoming a reality not just here but also around the world. Luckily companies with a greater vision have devised products that help make water safe and clean to drink.

But, with so many water treatment products on the market today, from simple faucet-mounted water filters to complex reverse osmosis systems, it can be difficult to figure out what you need, what works, and what’s really worth your money. 

Our in-depth, informative guides can help you choose the right water filters and water treatment products for your home.

Who is WaterFilterData for?

This site will provide you with insight into all of our experiences within the water treatment industry. 

You will find our advice on water treatment products very useful. Some of the multiple-reviews on this site may also solve your dilemmas about which product to buy. 

Having a long career in water treatment and water quality, our experiences will help you save money and spend them on essential, useful products.

How to use our findings? 

First off, it doesn’t matter where you are because water quality keeps deteriorating everywhere and especially in the States. What matters is how you treat your water and what kind of products you use to do that. We will show you reviews on the best products out there, guide you through each one, and help you decide which one is the best one for you.

We all want to maintain a healthy life and having purified, high quality water is essential to do so. 

Getting Started: Shortest Guide On The Best Water Filtration Systems

Water Filters

The most essential products and guides!

This is where you need to start your journey to clean, drinkable tap water.

If you are one of those people who struggle to maintain clean water, you must be looking for an efficient solution. 

Water filters remove contaminants like chlorine, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, and chemicals out of your water so that it’s safe for you to drink.

Our reviews and step by step guides will help you decide what’s best for your household. If you are thinking of buying a product but don’t know much about it – we’re here to help you do that.

Water Softeners

Struggling with hard water? You may need to get a water softener. 

Scratch that – you must get a water softener because they treat hard water by removing the minerals responsible for making it hard, through a process called ion-exchange. 

We’ve tested and reviewed all possible water softener solutions on the market and found which ones do the best job to help you soften that hardness!

Water Quality

If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it. This is our motto and we strongly believe that having easy access to water tests and buying guides will help us and you figure out what products we need to improve the quality of our drinking water. 

pH tests are one thing but finding out why your water gets cloudy and how to solve that, is amongst the things we will help you figure out here on this site.

Well Water

Sometimes we only have access to well water and treating it can be a painstaking process. 

Worry not because we’ve done our best to show you how to make sure your well water becomes clean and drinkable, right in your home.

Sure it’s not hard to find drinkable well water, but keeping the quality of that water high, is a different matter. We help you figure out how to purify your water and get the best products out there to do so.

Recommended Guides To Start With

Water Filters

It can’t get any more basic than this. Clean water in your household is a must! Unfortunately, the US doesn’t have the best drinking water out there but thankfully there are numerous water filters that will solve the problem of purifying water.

Thanks to us, you can see all the best water filters on the market and decide which water filter is best for you and your pocket.

Whole House Water Filter

Sometimes you just need the good old one size fits all kinda solution and this is where the whole house water filter comes in. 

Instead of going for a separate sink, fridge filters go ahead and find the best whole house water filter for your home. 

Chlorine Filter

Sometimes we do more harm than good. This goes for our municipal water treatment which uses chlorine to treat our water. It’s bad for health!

Thankfully, water filter companies developed solutions to treat these types of contaminants, and luckily we tried and tested the best chlorine filters for you. 

Water Softener

Hard times don’t require hard water and neither should your family. 

Besides causing mineral buildup, it causes more damage to your appliances and therefore your pocket! Thankfully, water softeners exist for that particular reason and help you soften the water, by removing those pesky minerals. 

Whole House Water Softener

Again, why buy a few solutions when you can just get one and get it done with? This is why we’ve reviewed and talked about whole house water softener solutions, so vigorously. 

Not only do they treat your water from just one point, but they save a ton of money by helping you get one solution instead of 5. Less is more and this is true even with whole house water softeners.

Salt-Free Softeners

Why do you need a softener that doesn’t really remove hard water minerals? This is the case with the salt-free water softeners, but there is a hidden truth here.

Salt-free water softeners will help you transform magnesium and calcium so that they do not cling to surfaces and turn into a scale that is as important to you as your bank account.

Water Testing Kits

You should not be concerned about your water quality. Water should be clean but unfortunately, we live in this kind of environment where that is not always possible. 

Luckily we have a water testing kit that solves that concern for you at any given moment (Sunday as well).

If you’re concerned about the safety of your drinking water, a water testing kit is an easy way to find out if there are contaminants in the water.

Homemade pH Test

What do red cabbage and distilled water have in common? They can show you the acidity of your water at home.

If you don’t have a pH testing kit, fear not as this homemade ph test will give quick results sufficient for many household needs.

Cloudy Water?

We’d prefer cloudy with a chance of meatballs over cloudy water every day. 

Imagine, it’s summer and you’re thirsty and the first cup of water you get is clouded? Why is this happening and how to solve it? We’ve done our research and found out that the cure and cause might not be what they seem.

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WFD will give you information about any product which seems to be effective in getting the job done. It is not the latest products that are always the best – sometimes a certain amount of time has to pass so we can know a product well. This is where WFD kicks in with expertise in the field giving you everything but unnecessary knowledge. 

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You won’t be able to make a buy straight from our site but you can purchase products from the manufacturers website or through other methods of where they are being sold. Not to worry as we have included links directly to the product pages so you can make your purchase when ready.

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